5 Shows I’ve Been Watching Instead of Reading

As most of you know by now, I haven’t been reading a lot. I’ve been in one of the longest slumps I’ve ever had in my entire life. It’s ridiculous actually – I want to read, but my brain just isn’t focusing long enough. What have I been doing you ask? Binging a hell of a lot of Netflix. So, why not tell you a few of the shows I’ve watched during this reading drought? Also, this is just me fangirling, don’t expect any great critiques  😆

Santa Clarita Diet

This one is a bit misleading in that I haven’t been watching it, I watched it, the entire season, in one day. It’s actually super easy to do; there are 10 episodes and they’re only 30 minutes long. It was perfect.

But onto the show, I first found out about this show because of a commercial on TV that I legit thought was for a real diet (like Slim Fast or something) until the end of it. Bravo, marketing and advertising team, bravo. This show is cute, in a weird way, because Drew Barrymore, you know, eats people. Still, I thought it was a fun show with a few good laughs (and some – sort of – gory scenes, so warning!)

psst here’s the first ad I saw that made me want to watch it:

The Fosters

THIS SHOW, GUYS, THIS GOD DAMN SHOW. How did I not watch it sooner? I’ve already finished all the seasons that are available on Netflix and now I don’t know what to do with myself. This show is amazing. I cry at least 5 times every season. It just gets to me.

Also, for anyone looking for an extremely diverse show, this one is for you. There’s an interracial lesbian couple, adopted children, foster children, Latino MC’s, gay MC’s, trans characters, people of all ethnicities, people of various religious backgrounds – like I said, this one is for you.

Big Little Lies

This one just started, I’ve only seen the first two episodes but I’m already diggin’ it. I love Reese Witherspoon. I’ve loved her since Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions. So I was excited about this one just because of her. I had no idea it was based on a book or what it was about so I don’t know how it compares.

What I can say is that I really love Witherspoon’s character, she has just the right about of bitchy-sass. I like that it shows the lives of stay-at-home moms and working moms and the stigmas that go along with both. I’m also super intrigued by the mystery of the show. I can’t wait to continue this one. I’d say my only issue is that Shailene Woodley is in this – I’m not a huge fan of her.

Stand-up Comedy

Sometimes I go through phases of really just wanting to watch stand-up comedy back to back to back to back. So I’ll do just that. I tend to lean more towards female comedians as I feel I can usually relate more, but I do have a few men comedians that I like. Here a few on Netflix that I’ve watched recently:

  • John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid
  • Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers
  • Ali Wong: Baby Cobra (This one is HILARIOUS if you’re a housewife)
  • Jen Kirkman: I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) (She’s pictured above)
  • Jen Kirkman: Just Keep Livin’?
  • Iliza Shlesinger: Freezing Hot
  • Iliza Shlesinger: War Paint
  • Anjelah Johnson: Not Fancy

Jane the Virgin

This one is a hit or miss with me. The first season I ABSOLUTELY loved, but then it started to get a little weird. Like, the plot points were so out there even for a fictional show. Yet, I keep going, and I keep getting obsessed. I’m currently at the end of SEASON TWO so no spoilers if you’ve watched the whole thing!

Have you watched any of these? Thoughts?
What are some of YOUR favorite shows? What shows have you binged entire seasons of in a day?

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

22 thoughts on “5 Shows I’ve Been Watching Instead of Reading

  1. I started watching “Jane the Virgin” (I think I have maybe one or two episodes left in S1), and thought it was hilarious, but I think I’ve sort of lost interest. Why I don’t know. Still, it’s cute even if I do feel like (from spoiler reading), it does indeed go a little “too far” sometimes.

    Hope you can find your reading routine again, Molly. Never fun to be in a reading slump. :/

    1. Yes! I don’t know any of the spoilers past season 2, but yeah, it goes a little far. I’ll roll my eyes at some of the plot points. but I think the characters and dialogue is cute.

  2. Haha. I’m so going to check out the Santa Clarita Diet! I watched the first season of Jane and Liked it, but didn’t love season two. I binge watched The Royals recently. Season 3, just ended and it’s on E! online…but I’m so behind in my reading because of it. So now I’m forcing myself to WAIT until I get three more books done.

    1. Do! Let me know what you think of SCD. For JTV, yeah, I’ve lost a bit of interest in Season 2 that’s why I haven’t gone on to season 3. But I still think it’s a cute show. I like a lot of the dialogue. But some of the crazy drug dealer stuff is a little out there for me lol

  3. I’ve been contemplating The Santa Clarita Diet. But then I just started rewatching The 100 again ? I too go through bouts of stand-up! I’ve watched a lot of the ones you have, and the rest are on my watch list. I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin too, I’m caught up, but I won’t say anything ? I’d like to see Big Little Lies but I don’t have HBO, saddddd.

    I’ve never watched an entire season in one day, but you know I recommend The 100 ? Also, I really enjoy This is Us, and Timeless which is over for the season and I hope it gets renewed!

    1. hahaha I’m behind on The 100! I haven’t watched any of the new season yet! EEK. I want to watch This Is Us! I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it but also that it will make you cry. I need to be in the right mood for that lol I think I’ve heard of Timeless? That’s the one where they can time travel right? The 2 guys and a girl?

  4. I thought Santa Clarita Diet ended up being way better than I was expecting. I really liked the teens in it– which really isn’t that surprising since I read YA. My mom has HBO, so I’m definitely going to watch Big Little Lies over there soon!! I haven’t read the book, but I’ve heard good things, so I’m curious.

    I recently binged Frequency (the TV show) and LOVED IT. I’m now on to A Series of Unfortunate Events and am about halfway through!

    1. Same! I thought it was good!

      I watched most of Series of Unfortunate Events and I thought it was ok. I haven’t finished it, though. My husband and I were watching it and I fell asleep in the last episode. Oops. haha

  5. I’ve been loving Big Little Lies too and agree with you about Shailene Woodley- she’s not my favorite. I’m still on season 1 of Jane the Virgin and love it, but have lost a little bit of interest since finding out all of the current spoilers.

    1. Yeah, I don’t know, I just don’t like her. She always looks the same? I don’t know. haha I don’t know any of the current spoilers for JTV. So shhhh lol

  6. I really, really like The Santa Clarita Diet! I love Drew Barrymore so I’m really excited that she’s in a Netflix original show. I love that more and more A-Listers are acting in them.

    I need to start Big Little Lies, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it!

    1. Yes! It was an oddly *cute* show lol I’m not being on BLL, but I liked the first two episodes I saw! Let me know what you think when you watch it 🙂

  7. Loving Big Little Lies – Reese Witherspoon is knocking it out of the park! Ali Wong: Baby Cobra is perfection. Recently binged The People Vs OJ Simpson. Docudramas are not usually my thing, but it was phenomenally good.

    1. Agreed! With both of those statements about Reese and Ali Wong. I haven’t watched the OJ docudrama yet. It even won awards! So I should probably watch it soon.