5 Shows I Stopped Watching For No Reason

This post was supposed to be my recap of seasons 1-13 of Grey’s Anatomy, but unfortunately, I haven’t finished it yet (totally thought I would be done by now but Elder Scrolls Online has taken over my free time). So, instead of talking about Grey’s, I’m going to talk about all the shows that have been put on the back burner for a while now. None of these are on hold because of Grey’s Anatomy, they’re just shows I randomly dropped for….no reason? (Okay, fine, there’s a reason, but I do want to watch all of them again)


I was binge watching this for the longest time, then suddenly I stopped. I don’t know why. However, looking back, I think it might be because I was getting a little tired of the repetition. Every season had the same main points: one brother is dead/left/trapped, the other brother spends a while trying to save him, some big bad gets in the way, sometimes the brother being saved is pissed about it, then it ends with the brother who did the saving ending up dead/leaving/trapped to all start again in the next season.

Am I right or am I right? That’s the gist of most of the seasons.


Here’s another one that I was binge watching and stopped for several reasons. First, I was basically forced to because it’s no longer on Netflix (I’m pretty pissed about this). Also, I was really sick of Matt Smith (which is where I left off). Then there was Peter Capaldi (and I don’t know how I feel about that). Seriously, all I want is for David Tennant to come back.

I didn’t want you to go either.


Gosh, I miss this show. I stopped watching because #endgame happened, but I shouldn’t have. Seriously, why did I? I loved this show. I love Olivia, Abby, Huck, Mellie, Jake, all of them. Now I’m so far behind that I’m scared one of my favorites is going to get killed off or leave the show somehow and I don’t know if I want to go through that. Mostly, I miss the popcorn and wine dinners.


I have this thing with these shows where I just don’t watch them for a long time. Then, for TWD, I’ll randomly think to myself “hey, I wonder if Rick or Carl are dead yet?” So I go watch all the seasons I’m behind on, and get bored again because, alas, neither Rick or Carl are dead yet (if you can’t tell, I really don’t like either of their characters and would rather Daryl be the big man on campus, ok? Don’t hate me).

For FTWD, I’m only behind one season because I wait for it to come on Netflix. I like it a bit more than TWD but that’s just because it’s still fairly new and hasn’t had time to endlessly recycle the same plot line for 7 years. coughthewalkingdeadcoughJust sayin’.


  • The 100 (50% waiting for Netflix, 50% just sort of sick of it)
  • The Fosters
  • Revenge
  • Orphan Black
  • Bates Motel
  • House of Cards (I want to but my husband is so far ahead of me so it’ll take a while to catch up)
  • Switched at Birth
  • Jane the Virgin (it got a little outlandish for me)

Are there any shows that you’ve given up on? What are they? What makes you give up on a show? 

Are there any shows that Netflix removed before you could finish so you’re filled with rage? Because same.

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

40 thoughts on “5 Shows I Stopped Watching For No Reason

  1. In addition to running my own blog I write reviews over at Tell-Tale TV!

    I actually reviewed this past season of Scandal, and I have to say the show did kind of peter out a bit for me after #endgame, but it’s picking up a bit and Season 6 actually left off in a really intense place that I am actually liking a lot more now. (No spoilers!)

    And I am with you on Doctor Who. I was okay with Matt Smith but Netflix yanked it before I could make up my mind about Peter Capaldi. Now he’s about to be gone to make room for Jodie Whitaker, which I am honestly excited about, but..damn you Netflix.

    Revenge also fizzled towards the end, I wasn’t terribly happy with the ending, but I love Orphan Black and I think that show did get a worthy ending.

  2. Fun post! I agree about Supernatural, but I just love the snarkiness and how in the later seasons they even have started making fun of how that is the usual plot of the show. I still love TWD, you know Rick and Carl can’t die if they’re in the comics, right? I like that the show has stuck pretty close to them comics. I gave up on FTWD though. A couple shows I finally had to give up on were Once Upon a Time, The 100, and Bates Motel.

    1. It does have some good humor in SPN ! That’s funny it starts making fun of itself. I’ll probably pick it back up again some day. And PSH, they can totally die even if they’re in the comics. Hollywood changes things all the time! hahaha

  3. I kind of gave up on Scandal last season then at bed the last two episodes. Ok watch this season bc it’s the last one. I stopped watching Orphan Black after season 2. Maybe I’ll get back to it.

  4. I’ve given up on several shows. For example, Grey’s Anatomy, Switched at Birth, too, and even Pretty Little Liars.
    I guess that I eventually drop shows because I like to binge during the summer, but I can’t do more than 4 seasons because I get tired of watching too much or just really want something new. Once summer is over I stop watching any shows because I don’t have time and prefer to use any free moments to read… and then I never resume watching those shows again.

    1. I sort of gave up on PLL. I didn’t watch ANY of the last season until the series finale. I wanted to see how it all ended. I’m glad that I didn’t watch anything before that, though, because it was basically the same crap that always happens lol. I’m still watching Grey’s Anatomy but I am getting kind of bored with it. I’m on season 12 >.< hahah

  5. I agree that that’s basically what Supernatural is (I’ve noticed it justness because I’ve been binging it the last two months), but I still love it! It’s just too good and I love the characters a lot, so I don’t mind the formula! I stopped watching TWD and I don’t think I’m going to watch it again because it started boring me a little. I never watched the other two, but my parents love Scandal!

    I actually just started watching Orphan Black and I’m loving it so far, but I agree with The 100! I watched it because of the hype and felt pretty meh about it, didn’t catch up with it, and don’t feel like I need to. 😂

    1. hehe I still like Supernatural but I don’t have the drive to finish it that I once had >.< It's a great and fun show though! Honestly, for The 100, I just really hated the direction it went and got over it. I might watch it one day, if I really need something to watch lol

  6. I haven’t seen ANY of these shows, but have considered watching Supernatural. I’m the very worst at watching shows, though, so I don’t think I’ll actually ever watch it. The only show I’ve watched consistently in the past 8 YEARS was The Bachelor. And then I watched the ALL of the Buffy episodes a few years ago. That’s it!

    1. eek I’ve literally never watched The Bachelor hahah BUT OMG YES BUFFY. I used to stay home from school to marathon episodes with my mom hahahh when the finale was on, there was no way in hell I was going to class. We cried.

      1. I love that you watched it with your mom!! As a kid I spent my summers in Miami, FL (where a bunch of family lives) – and since they were 3 hours ahead I was always on a weird sleeping schedule, but I would stay up until 3-4am watching Buffy. It was the best!

  7. There are a bunch a series I stopped watching, because I lost my DVR and I just fell so behind on the episodes, that I gave up. Supernatural was one of those shows, though I hope to pick it up again soon. Some of the shows I liked got too silly (New Girl) or too over the top (The Fosters). I really don’t watch that much TV anymore, so I trimmed it down to shows I really like.

    1. Oh I used to love New Girl! Then I just didn’t find it as funny? I was actually laughing out loud at the first season then I got kind of over it haha. I watch tv but there’s not a lot of series shows I really watch often any more. I usually just have the ID Channel on hahah

  8. I liked Switched at Birth, but stopped watching halfway through the 2nd season for unknown reason– I should pick that one back up. I also stopped watching Once Upon a Time because of the repetition, so I get what you are saying about Supernatural.

    1. I actually like Switched at Birth too. For me, the reason why I don’t watch it as much now is because I usually put a show on in the background noise and that show you have to actually sit down to watch because of the use of sign language >.< That makes me sound terrible! It's a good show, I just have to actually sit in front of the tv to watch it haha

  9. I agree with Supernatural, it just go so repetitive and ridiculous and I still can’t believe I made it through 8 seasons. I really loved the first 3, and then 4 and 5 weren’t too bad, but 6 is REALLY where I started having issues with it. As for TWD, I’m on completely the other side of the fence to you haha. I adore the show, and Rick is one of my faves even though he can be so frustrating at times. I can admit that the basic plot of ‘meet a bad guy, defeat the bad guy’ has been used a bit too often, but the characters continue to draw me in.

    1. The first few seasons for SPN were AMAZING. I started loosing interest when the whole heaven closing thing happened. Then it just started going down hill from there for me – with Metatron. Hahah I mean, I don’t hate TWD, I just get bored sometimes. Honestly, it’s kind of like GoT. I LOVE IT but at the same time it can be really boring. I also just really dislike Rick haha

    1. I’ll watch TWD. I always end up watching it once it’s on Netflix hahah but I haven’t seen anything since episode one to find out who died. I’m getting kind of sick of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve committed so much time to it, though, that I feel like I should finish. But yeah…same drama over and over again.

  10. I do this all the time. I’ll watch a show religiously and then somehow stop watching. Sometimes it’s that I’ve lost interest but normally it’s because I’m a couple of episodes behind and I haven’t made the time to watch those episodes I have recorded and then I just end up stopping.

    I agree with you on SPN, it got repetitive and so I gave up. I would have been happy with the 5 season arc they originally had planned. Why do networks drag out series for so long? Why? And Dr Who, I got fed up of Matt Smith too, David Tennant was really good as the doctor, but also the writing took a turn for the worse in the Matt Smith era. It got too cheesy and tried to be too confusing with its overarching storyline.

    1. Yeah, there are a couple shows I didn’t even include on here that I just stopped watching. Sometimes its because I get overwhelmed with how much catch up I have to do haha.

      UGH YES. On both of those observations. Dr Who did get even more cheesy haha and SPN was so good in the beginning. I loved all the jokes and now I’m just -_- with it. haha

  11. I do this all the time! There are so many shows I’ve given up on, and it isn’t always for any particular reason.
    I’m actually just catching up on Doctor Who now, because I stopped watching initially after David Tennant left. I’m don’t mind Matt Smith too much, but I definitely preferred Tennant!
    I also stopped watching The Walking Dead. I think I was around the middle of season 4, and just started to get kind of bored with it. When the new season came out though and everyone was talking about it, I did think about starting watching again, but I just haven’t got round to it yet.
    Other notable mentions for me are Breaking Bad, New Girl, Vampire Diaries and the Originals (I guess I just got sick of vampires?).
    Great post! 🙂

    1. I mean, I don’t hate Matt Smith but I WANT TENNANT BACK hahaha

      Ah, Breaking Bad was SO GOOD. I finished that one. I gave up on New Girl…it just wasn’t funny after season 1…and yes, I gave up on all the vampire shows as well. I think I stopped the ORiginals after episode 3? haha

  12. I am SO with you on the Supernatural and Doctor Who. Supernatural got so boring and repetitive and I can’t even remember where I left off. I did start watching the Capaldi Doctor Who a while back but something wasn’t working for me and I never resumed. I would like to watch it eventually though because I’m really excited for the new Doctor!

    1. I can’t remember exactly where I left off either! I also can’t remember A LOT of the previous seasons. Like I know heaven got closed at some point but how or why are just mysteries to me hahah

  13. I think I’ve stopped watching almost every show I started watching. 😛 This past year I stopped watching The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Arrow, and the Flash. In my history of TV watching, Glee was the quickest one I gave up. My husband and I got through the first half of the first season and loved it…and never watched another episode afterwards.

    1. Hmm… I wish I remembered which show I’ve given up the fastest. Probably Narcos? This sounds ridiculous but I like to put shows on in the background while I’m doing other things. So if a show has too many subtitles I don’t watch it hahaha >.< I don't just sit down to watch tv all that often.

  14. The 100, Jane The Virgin, Supernatural, Scandal I’ve given up on them too.
    I binged Criminal Minds and Law & Order but I skipped the last season of American Horror Story and I gave up on OUAT and PPL.

    1. I kind of sporadically watch AHS. Some seasons intrigue me, others done. OUAT I completely dropped. PLL I dropped the last season but I watched the VERY last episode. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time on the whole season, though, because it was a lot of the same stuff haha

  15. We binge watched Sons of Anarchy then randomly stopped around season 3 and seriously had to ask, why are we still watching this show about these terrible people? I mean they were just awful to each other lol. Another for us is Walking Dead – after Beth died I was just so upset and had a hard time staying into the show. But especially after they settle into the safe zone and Morgan joined the crew we lost interest. Those two come to mind. I haven’t watched a lot of these others. Right now we’re trying to finish watching Community S4-6 🙂

  16. I definitely moped for a bit after David Tennant left Doctor Who, but I’m glad I got back into watching it. Matt Smith is now probably my favourite doctor, and I love him with Amy & Rory as companions. Now that they’ve finally left, I’m moping again. Lol 😉 Now I’m not sure if I wanna continue watching!