5 Mini Movie Reviews

My husband and I have watched quite a few movies lately – both in theaters and at home. Instead of reviewing each one individually, here are some mini reviews! These are kind of ranty (fair warning)  😆 Let’s just dive right in:


♥♥ / 5

My husband and I couldn’t have more opposite opinions on this movie. He thought it was one of the best movies of the year, I was rather bored and can’t stop venting about it. I can’t go into detail on everything because of spoilers, but some highlights:

  • The special effects were terrible. At one point bombs drop on the beach and the dead bodies look like people just sleeping (from bombs…)
  • The way they told the story through time jumps got annoying. You saw the same scene more than once, but from different perspectives, that it took all tension out of the scene because you knew the outcome.
  • There was very little dialogue, which isn’t always a bad thing. What annoyed me was that the for the 5 minutes of dialogue in the movie, 90% of it was given to Harry Styles character (hmm….I wonder why).
  • The soldiers had terrible survival instincts. Alright, this is based on a true story, so I’m sorry, but some of the things they did to “survive” were just plain stupid.

Gosh, that’s not even everything. Don’t get me wrong, this movie isn’t terrible. I might watch it again, but there were so many things that I couldn’t help but nitpick that I’m just going to rate this in the middle.


♥♥♥ / 5

Okay, this was good, I just don’t love it as much as everyone else. The humor was super cheesy and I really disliked Ares. I’m sorry, but he’s was the God of war and should not have been played by David Thewlis (come on, that moustache?).

I’d watch this again just to watch Gal Gadot because what a babe. Otherwise, it’s pretty cheesy. (Disclaimer: I saw this opening weekend and am just now trying to write down my thoughts, so frankly, I forgot a lot of my first feelings. Which I guess might be a sign of how much I didn’t really enjoy this one)


♥♥♥♥♥ / 5

I loved this. It was interesting to see how McDonald’s started, even if it wasn’t in the most nice of ways. Ray Kroc basically stole McDonald’s from the brothers who originally started it through legal loopholes…but also by doing a lot of the work. Personally, I left that movie thinking “alright, sure, it wasn’t cool of him, but he basically made McDonald’s a household name…”. Literally, without Kroc, McDonald’s never would have grown to what it is today.

Also, while watching this, it’s so funny to see all the things we take for granted now. It was a big deal to get served your food in a paper bag and be able to eat it anywhere you wanted. It was 35 cents for a burger, fries, and a soda. It was huge to get a meal within 30 seconds. It was 35 cents for a meal. Sorry, I had to repeat that


♥♥ / 5

Y’all, why haven’t I watched that many good movies lately?

For some reason, I expected to dislike this one – so this wasn’t a disappointment. I found the plot boring to the point that I fell asleep. I had to rewind to see the big reveal at the end – which was just ridiculous. The only thing I liked about this movie was the Niffler because how cute, right? Otherwise, Redmayne’s acting was just awkward, they picked the 2 worst actors for the “villain”, and it just definitely was not the return to magic I wanted. 


♥♥♥♥♥ / 5

Let’s end on a high note.

Finding Dory was adorable. This movie is how you return to a story/world that is beloved by so many. It 100% feels like it picked up right after Finding Nemo. Of course there was tears. Of course this made me laugh. Baby Dory was just about the cutest freaking thing I’ve ever seen. It was also kind of neat to see her origin story and explain some of the jokes she made in Finding Nemo. I mean, it’s a cartoon, I’m not going to get that deep with it, but it was just nice to see it all come together.

Have you seen these? Thoughts? What other movies have you watched recently?

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30 thoughts on “5 Mini Movie Reviews

  1. WAIIIIT you liked Finding Dory better than Fantastic Beasts? Oh.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVEDD Fantastic beasts and WHAT? Newt is the best ever and SUPPOSED to be awkward? Like that was his personality! Or is this just me? Niffler was amazing…have to agree with you on that. But have you read HP?

    1. hahah yes. I haven’t read Fantastic Beasts, so maybe that is his personality, but I didn’t like Redmayne’s acting for it. Idk if that makes sense. Like it was just TOO uncomfortable for me. It was the actor >.< I've read some of the HP books, but not all.

    1. It’s weird because I didn’t HATE it but I did? Ugh. The story is obviously good. I liked Tom Hardy’s scenes. It was mainly the filming that just didn’t do it for me. How many times were they going to film that guy staring at the sky and changing his facial expressions? hahahah I just couldn’t take it anymore

  2. I absolutely loved Fantastic Beasts! I still prefer the original Harry Potter movies, but Fantastic Beasts was definitely fun. I felt the same way about Wonder Woman. I watched it after all the Twitter hype and wasn’t impressed. I liked it, and I really wish I had loved it more, but I’ve seen better superhero movies. 😝

    1. Ahhh, freaking hype. Yeah, I’ve seen better superhero movies too. I really wanted to like Fantastic Beasts because YAY magic & harry potter…but I just wasn’t impressed 🙁

  3. I did *really* enjoy “Wonder Woman,” but I don’t think my level of “awe” is as great as everyone else’s. I also didn’t love it for the same reasons as the masses. While everyone was impressed with the fact it was “solely” about a female lead, I loved it most for its themes of friendship, morals (choosing the hard way because it’s RIGHT), and patriotism.That said, cheesy or not, I also loved the romance. 🙂

    I’ll pick it up on DVD because I’m a comic book movie buff, and this is without question DC’s best yet (overall, I’m a Marvel girl). Thanks for sharing, Molly!

    1. I’m a Marvel fan as well and yeah, WW was definitely better than previous DC movies (I hated Suicide Squad and anything Superman haha). I think maybe it only did so well BECAUSE the female lead? I don’t know, but that alone wasn’t enough for me to love it >.< It was okay, though. I'd watch it again lol

  4. I fell asleep on Finding Dory. But, either I blame jet lag or the movie for my snores. I agree wholeheartedly on Dunkirk and Wonder Woman. Overhyped and puzzling, their reviews stymie me. I like Fantastic Beasts and would give it a 3.5.

    1. hehe I just thought it was so cute. I’m a sucker for Pixar though lol I’m so glad there are others who didn’t like WW as much. It wasn’t terrible but I just wasn’t IN LOVE with it.

  5. Finally I’m not the only one who didn’t like Fantastic Beasts!!!! Ugh I just left the theater so dissatisfied and kinda confused…. I mean I honestly barely remembered what had just happened, there was just too much going on…

    1. I was so bored! And ok…that ending was stupid. He morphed into freaking Johnny Depp? My husband was like “they got the two worst actors to play the bad guy” so I had to steal that from him lol

  6. Wow I could not be more in agreement about Dunkirk and Wonder Woman. I relate so much to that part about “opposite opinions”, because my dad forced me to go watch it so that we could get out of the house, and I almost fell asleep on several occasions. He loved it so much, and I couldn’t understand why. All of the points you made about it, dialogue, the time jumping, etc., I agree on so much. I was not impressed. Great mini reviews, they were awesome!

  7. Dunkirk I was kinda wondering about. Wonder Woman I definitely want to see, kinda bummed I haven’t made it to the movies yet to see it. But maybe I’m not missing that much. I did see some clips and the guy that’s supposed to be Ares looked… rather underwhelming?

    Finding Dory looks awesome. But the first one was fun too.

    1. Ah, movies are so hard to judge based on reviews. Like I said, my husband LOVED Dunkirk. He thought it was amazing. I didn’t. So, who knows? Those movies might be up your alley. But yes, I was disappointed in the actor for Ares – I think I actually laughed a few times >.<

  8. Alright, on some I agree and others I disagree but that’s why films are great and the fact there are so many coming out means you can disagree. I agree, there were flaws in Wonder Woman. I enjoyed it but for the fact it was totally awesome seeing a female superhero get her own film. It was filled with cheese. There was no need for a romantic storyline (but most superhero films have them so it’s not just cos she was a woman) and Ares could have been played by someone better (I would have got it if David Thewlis played him in disguise and them some beefcake played him at the big reveal). I went with a friend long after it was released and we laughed inappropriately a lot (why did she take her hair down to fight? And a lot of her battle scenes made us start humming YMCA). It was fun but yeah… it was flawed. Finding Dory, though! That film cracked me up and it was so damn cute. I love children’s films.

    I disagree with you about Fantastic Beasts, though. I thought it was good. I had a second watch and it may have been a touch too long but I still thought it was awesome.

    1. hehe of course you can disagree with me! Heck, my husband and I couldn’t have more OPPOSITE opinions on Dunkirk haha. Okay, I totally thought that David Thewlis WAS a disguise for the real Ares. Like Ares was somehow possessing that guy hahah. That’s hilarious, the YMCA thing. I hated the theme song music for WW, so that made me laugh during the film.

      Maybe if I watched Fantastic Beasts again? I watched it later at night and actually dozed off at the end. When I came to, I had totally missed the “big reveal” and had to rewind to see it >.< haha if a movie makes me fall asleep, I'm automatically like "eh, it wasn't that good". But maybe I should try again, everyone seems to love it?

  9. Sorry you didn’t enjoy FB! Even though it has things I disliked (Johnny Depp, really?? also the romance… just no) overall I still like it and seeing the WB logo and hearing the theme song at the beginning of the movie made me cry 😀 I also felt WW is just okay, but more because I disliked the effects (whatsup with DC and slow motion???) and yeah… David Thewlis and that mustache don’t make an intimidating Ares.

    1. Eeep, maybe I should just try to watch FB again >.< Maybe I just was too tired or something because I PASSED OUT at the end and missed it - had to rewind lol. The effects were pretty annoying, huh? hahaha Also, yes, omg, I totally laughed at that scene...he was not intimidating at all! lol

  10. I think my parents saw Dunkirk, I will have to ask my mom if she and my dad had differing opinions like you and your husband (I’m leaning toward yes though because that is usually how they roll hah). I am so bad at movies. I saw one movie this year, and it was Everything, Everything. Before that… well, I couldn’t tell you what the last movie I saw was. Probably Mockingjay bwhahah. I am a movie fail, and I think I am actually glad when I see others not loving some of the “huge” movies, because then I don’t feel like I am missing out 😉 Glad that Finding Dory was cute! The Founder sounds pretty interesting too! Great reviews 🙂

    1. heheh my husband and I watch a lot of movies >.< We've watched several since this post (so there might be more reviews heading your way haha). There are A LOT that take me a while to see, though. Like I STILL haven't seen Everything, Everything or Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children >.< haha so I sometimes fail too

  11. You got me curious about The Founder. And they filmed part of it near where I live. I need to check it out!