It’s Okay To Take A Break From Blogging

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It’s okay to not be 100% in 100% of the time. 

I know that goes against what our parents always tell us, you know the old “as long as you put in your best effort” saying — just as long as we’re putting in the effort, it’s okay.

When it comes to blogging, ignore that phrase. It’s okay to take a break, be more relaxed with your schedule, or just have one foot in and one foot out.

The idea for this post came because for the past year I have been 100% in with my blog almost 100% of the time. I rarely ever miss a post (I think I’ve missed 2 in the past year), I’ve always kept to a schedule, I’ve always had things planned out in advance. Then suddenly, August hit, and I lost some steam.

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but I’ve lacked on reviews the past few weeks and my posts have dwindled (in fact, this is my first one this week). At first, this made me feel so guilty. I felt like I was letting those of you who regularly visit my blog down. I felt like I was missing out on so much because I haven’t been visiting your blogs. While I definitely still have those feelings, I also realize that if I’m not fully into blogging, the quality of my posts go down.

And quality over quantity, right?

While it’s important to me to stay in touch and keep this blog up-to-date, it’s more important to me to provide quality content for you. When I’m not 100% in, I don’t put 100% effort into my posts. When I’m not 100% in, I don’t give my 100% attention to your posts. So, like I said, when it comes to blogging, only putting in some effort can actually hurt your overall experience and the experience of your readers.

You’ll begin dreading simply writing a post or even thinking of ideas. You’ll find that you feel overwhelmed by everything that comes with blogging, and not enjoying it. So, next time you feel like blogging is becoming too much or that you’re not enjoying it as much as you should be, feel free to take a break.

What is so beautiful about this community is that everyone understands. Everyone has hit that point while blogging before and if you need to take a little break, don’t feel like you’ll be forgotten. Everyone will still be here and everyone will be welcoming you back with open arms. This took me a bit to realize, but once I did, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders when I felt like I was slacking.

Again, it’s okay to not be 100% in 100% of the time.

If you feel like this may be how you’re feeling, I only have 2 tips that you can use when you go about this blogging break:

  1. Let your friends know. Don’t just drop off the planet, give your readers, followers, friends, everyone, a heads up. Whether that be with a hiatus post or mentioning it a few times on other social media accounts. (When I’m in a blogging slump, I usually still post on other social media)
  2. Keep your creativity going and be open to blog ideas. Sometimes this is the best way to get back into it. I take different approaches to this. I catch up on shows, I read and take notes while reading, I draw, I write. I also still think about my blog and if a post idea strikes, I make sure to write it down.


Do you ever feel like you need a break?
Do you embrace it or push through it? 

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16 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Take A Break From Blogging

  1. Yessss to everything in this post. It’s definitely okay to take breaks, especially if you need to. Not taking breaks can lead to burning out and burning out can lead to book bloggers closing down their blogs and that always makes me sad.

    The most important thing that I’ve learned is to do you. Do what makes you happy on the blog. Run the kind of blog that you want and not what you think anyone else wants. When you blog about the things that you love and are passionate about, it shows and people will find you…and love you.

    Great post!

    1. YES! to all of that. Sometimes breaks help us rediscover what it is we love and want to talk about as well. People can get into this rut of publishing content that they think will resonate with readers, but sometimes they don’t feel passionate and that definitely can show through in the writing.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Well said! I definitely think it’s okay to take a break now and then or take things slower for a while.
    I recently took a break from a feature I used to do every week for more than a year and I felt so bad about it, but I couldn’t find the time or motivation to make those posts, so i didn’t. And everyone has been so understanding about it and I feel much more relaxed now that i didn’t push myself too much on it. And I am slowly getting ready to do a post now and then again, it won’t be every week and I’ve come to realize that’s okay. I usually blog with a schedule and while I like that, it’s been good to realize it’s also okay to not stick to it and change things up if you feel like it.
    It is a good idea to let people know when you’re taking a break or taking things slower so they know that. And indeed as long as you stay open to new ideas, they might come to you eventually.

    1. Ah, that’s me with one of my features. I do it every other week now because I just got overwhelmed with my schedule. It was definitely hard for me to accept that in the beginning because, like you, I have that schedule and whenever I break from it, I panic a little. But hey, everyone will still visit and read our stuff regardless!

      I think if people are going to be taking a break for a long time, they should let people know. People might worry and think they just quit hahah I’ve seen that happen before.

  3. This is the post that every blogger should read. Most of the times we put 1000% into our blog, that we forget that we have a life outside our blog. And when we do take a break, we feel so guilty about it. I know I always feel that way, but when I finally force myself to take a time away from the blog, it’s actually really nice and I will come back with fresh mind and ideas 😀

    1. Thank you! Yeah, sometimes I get so consumed that I neglect real life stuff. It’s not good to get burnt out. Breaks definitely give people a little boost of motivation and creativity 🙂

  4. Yes! I love this post. I’ve had to take quite a few breaks in the time I’ve been blogging and I always feel guilty, but I know I shouldn’t because it’s better to take a break than become completely burnt out. I don’t know why I get so worried either because every time everyone is so understanding!

    1. Exactly! I think we ALL feel a bit worried when we slack or take breaks from blogging. But look, I took a little break, and everyone is still here! hahah We’re all supportive of each other so we really shouldn’t worry xD

  5. Yessss, taking breaks is important! I do get the fear of “omg if I leave no one will remember me ever again” because I definitely share those panics! Buuut, it’s just not true. People come back. 😀 And actually sometimes a break is good for you AND your audience because it makes people miss you and look forward to your return. *nods* I try to take at least a 7-10 days off ever few months. It really really helps me stay enthused for blogging. And there’s nothing worse than being burnt out as a blogger. We want to keep our hobbies fun, right?!?

    1. That’s a good idea to have a planned break every few months! It kind of gives you something to look forward to, like a summer vacation or christmas break. But yeah, its important to give yourself a little space from blogging if you feel like its becoming…less fun. People will still be there when you come back!

  6. I think it’s important to take breaks at some points. Sometimes we have a lot going on in our personal lives, and we don’t feel like blogging. It’s better to take a break, and then come back with energy and great posts.

    Lovely posts, Molly.

  7. I have definitely discovered over the course of blogging that taking blogging breaks are good for the mind and the soul. Great post, Molly and lovely blog design. 🙂

    1. Ah, so true. After my little under 2 months of slacking, I’m back in it and feeling good! So, breaks are a must! Also, THANK YOU <3

  8. GAH! I feel like taking a break from blogging. Maybe a month or so but I’m afraid my followers and readers will just disappear and that people will be disappointed in me?

    1. AW NO. If you don’t feel into it, don’t force yourself. Usually that can translate to your writing style of your posts, which isn’t good for anyone. Everyone will still be here! Just let them know 🙂