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Unpopular Opinions Book Tag (1)

a book people love and it just don’t make sense to me

shatter meIt actually takes a bit for me to really dislike a book. Usually I’ll say “it’s ok”, but there is one that stands out to me as my first one-star book ever. The writing style was infuriating and the love interest (in the beginning) was super creepy. Also, the end was X-Men and at that point I knew I couldn’t continue with the series. That book is Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi.

I love it. You hate it.

redqueenOk, so, I don’t think I’ve read many books that a vast majority of people hate while I love it. The closest I can get to that is a book that has A TON of mixed reviews. People either love it or find it very unoriginal. That book is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Girl, you ended up with the wrong dude

Oh boy, I’m probably going to get lots of people disagreeing with me on this one but I really wished Katniss ended up with Gale. I very much disliked Peeta. Strongly disliked. Even though Gale kind of upset me at the end, I still wanted Katniss to be with him

A popular genre that I don’t read a lot of

Historical fiction. I’ve noticed that this has become increasingly popular from adult historical fiction to young adult historical fiction. I’ve tried a few, but none of them have ever really hooked me. It’s actually kind of odd because I love historical films. Saving Private Ryan? Love it. All the Light We Cannot See? It was ok.

Sorry, but these characters drive me nuts

All the love interests from The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. Yes, Jace, Simon, Will and Jem. They are literally copies of each other. Jace + Will. Jem + Simon. I dislike all of them.

A popular author that does very little to impress me

John Green – I have read The Fault in Our StarsPaper Towns and Looking for Alaska. So, I gave this dude a chance. I mean, 3 books, that’s a lot of time invested into his writing. I was only impressed by 1 of 3. The other two were too similar and I hated all the characters. I also dislike how John Green gives his characters super pretentious dialogue.

Cassandra Clare – I’m 50/50 with her. I read the first three books from The Mortal Instruments and loved them. I felt like it was wrapped up nicely and didn’t continue. Then for The Infernal Devices, I put the last book down after getting about half way and being so freakin’ bored. I also just think she writes too much to go along with the main series. I get it is a whole universe, but it’s overwhelming. Tolkien created an entire language and an amazing story in only 3 books. She has 15 books published. I can’t.

I lack any enthusiasm to read this

This one was actually hard for me because I want to read ALL THE BOOKS. There is usually a bit of me that is interested in a book, even if it’s not my typical genre. However, there is one series that I know I won’t read (because I alpercy jacksonready bought the book once, never picked it up, gave it away and don’t feel regret for doing so). That series is Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan.

This trope needs to stop it

Insta-love – Sometimes I don’t mind it, depending on the intensity of it. Other times, it’s a little ridiculous. The girl will literally become consumed with thoughts of her new man, forgetting about destruction around her (or whatever issue she is facing) and it just becomes a joke.

Princess who hates her life – Ugh. This is in so many books. I get it, it sets up for a pretty interesting story, but at the same time, I just want to slap her. She’s a damn princess but is upset because her life is already figured out? She lives a life of luxury, doesn’t have to worry about cooking, cleaning, or even dressing herself, but she is so mad that she can’t marry the farm boy. -_- Just stop it.

This movie(or show) was better than the book

I usually try to separate my thoughts about the movie from the book because, obviously, things will be changed to fit into the time frame and entertain the audience. That’s not to say I’m not critical of movie adaptations, I just try to stay open-minded. However, there is a television show that I think has done a phenomenal job adapting the books. Let me just say, though, that I have not read all of these books. From what I have read, I definitely prefer the show. That show is:



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24 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

  1. I definitely agree with some things here. While I found Red Queen highly unoriginal, I still really enjoyed it. I, too, have absolutely no interest in reading The Percy Jackson series. I’m so glad it’s not just me!

    Christina @ Books & Prejudice

    1. I’m so glad it’s not just me either! (about the Percy Jackson series). I don’t know, I’m just not interested. The only reason I bought it the first time was because of all the “omg I ship them” things I saw lol

  2. I’m with you on the Cassandra Clare thing! I read her first 3 books back before it was cool (haha), but I just could not get in to The Infernal Devices books. I haven’t read any of her newer releases since. Lady Midnight does sound interesting but I’m not sure that I want to read the other books just to read Lady Midnight when there are books I’m much more interested in!

    1. The first three books to The Mortal Instruments were great! I got so into them, but then the 4th book I just didn’t care about (that probably has to do with Simon being the first person you have to read about, and I’m not fond of him lol). I don’t know much about Lady Midnight, but either way, I don’t think I want to read 3 other books just to be able to read another 700 page book (or however long it is). That thing is a beast!

  3. I’ve heard several bloggers say Shatter Me was kinda not good. And I’m not a Hunger games expert (not having read the books) but Gale seemed better for Katniss to me too. YA historical fiction is interesting, I’ve only read a few and they’ve been hit or miss- some have been meh and one or two I really liked.

    Instalove and princess who hates her life- yup. I mean come on, everyone is in poverty and you live in a castle and have servants- get over it. 🙂 LOL about marrying the farm boy. As for Game of Thrones…noooo. although the 4th book was kind of sucky, and the 5th book has it’s moments but there’s a lot of wheel spinning too. So I can see that… and I have to admit I’m totally up for where they’re going this season, since we’re not getting anew book anytime soon apparently. 🙂

    1. Shatter Me is just written really weird. I get where the author was going with it – throughout the trilogy the writing gets toned down as the character develops – but I just couldn’t get into it. And the story was just….ugh…I cringed. I haven’t read too many historical fictions in general, but I’m usually not that into them. Which I totally thought I would because I used to be a history major and I love the WWII era, but in books, I don’t care. Movies and documentaries on the other hand….

      I’m currently reading the third book in A Song of Ice and Fire. I don’t know, I just think the show is better. I like some of the extra POVs they bring in and the actors portray their characters SO well. They also aged the characters, which I like. Martin just writes so boring for me. He will literally spend pages explaining food or something completely irrelevent to the store and it’s just too much. I actually switched to the audiobook so that way I can just listen and imagine it while doing other things rather than sitting down to read those monster books.

  4. TEAM GALE FOR LIFE! I will never hate on you for choosing Gale over Peeta. I like Peeta generally as a person and I do understand the ship, but I always felt that Gale got the shaft incredibly unfairly. He didn’t deserve Katniss to just drop him like she does at the end of Mockingjay especially for (what I believe to be) unfounded reasons. Great list!! Unpopular opinions are always so fun. 🙂

    1. Yeah! Its been a while since I read the book, but I remember being a little annoyed with him but not enough to hate him. ALSO, when I saw the last movie and watched the scene where she drops Gale, I was kind of like “that’s it? This guy has been in her life FOREVER, and that’s all we get?!” I was very underwhelmed by their parting.

  5. I also think the Game of Thrones show is better than the book. I just lack patience when it comes to all those DETAILS. We agree on most of these except a few xD While I don’t really care for Clare or Green, I actually really loved Will and Jem haha. And yeah, I disliked Red Queen. It’s interesting to see so many opinions though! 🙂

    Also, Gale FTW.

    1. I think it’s better because the books have TOO many details. It just drones on and on and on. Don’t get me wrong, Martin created a fantastic world and some great characters, but I like it so much better as a show.

      I haven’t finished either series, so maybe by the end I’ll like them xD

  6. Oh no, you didn’t like Shatter Me? Was it Adam? The series does get a hell of a lot better though and there’s WARNER. Oh be still my beating heart! I tried to read TID and read book one and nope, not going there. I felt exactly the same. It was basically TMI but historical. I’m on a John Green Hiatus, until that man can write a complete ending that isn’t pretentious then I want nothing to do with him. Hmph. Great tag Molly, really enjoyed it <3

    1. I only read the first book because the writing drove me insane. I also didn’t like the x-men feel to it at the end. Also, I’ve seen so many spoilers about who she ends up with so at this point, I don’t think I’d be invested in that plot line lol.

      Yeah! I really want to like TMI and TID – I mean, teenagers kicking demon ass? Come on! Sadly, I’m just not into it. And they are identical to each other! Except one has machines lol Also, that’s super funny about your John Green hiatus. I just hate all of his characters. They’re all like “I’m so much better than everyone else, listen to me speak, listen to my amazing vocabulary that a normal teen wouldn’t use while talking to friends playing video games” ugh. lolol xD

  7. Totally agree – insta love needs to stop!! I HONESTLY DO NOT SEE THE APPEAL IN IT. AT ALL.
    But yeah, John Green isn’t my fave – I think I’ve read FIVE of his books, and none of them are spectacular, or stand out in any way for me!
    Interesting to hear your opinions, Molly! 🙂

    1. RIGHT!? I also think instalove teaches the wrong message to younger readers. It is YA, there are a lot of young readers out there. So, why teach young, impressionable girls that it is ok to fall in love with the first guy you look at? And, like, MADLY DEEPLY in love. Like, you’ll save the world and forget about yourself type of love? I don’t like that. Obviously, there’s attraction at first sight, but love? No, honey, it doesn’t happen like that lolol

  8. I wasn’t over the moon for either of Katnisses love interests, I personally think the book didn’t need them! But I am a wee bit afraid that I won’t enjoy Shatter Me now. I have a copy but have yet to read it. Oh I hated the mortal instruments. I read book one and was BORED. I haven’t read The Game of Thrones or gave the show a shot so I can’t really speak for that, but I have read book one in the Percy Jackson series but it never held much interest. I think I would enjoy reading the series a lot more now than when I was in school. This was a a wonderful tag, Molly!

    1. It really didn’t. Katniss would have been a much stronger character without them! That’s a great point. Shatter Me has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, so you may enjoy it! I’m just one of those people who couldn’t get past the writing (which had a purpose to the story, I just wasn’t on board with it). You should definitely watch Game of Thrones – so good!

  9. Oh gosh, I’ve heard nothing but awful things about the Shatter Me series in recent weeks! I’m still curious about it, but I think I may take a quick glance at the library before making any impulsive purchases ha!

    I too longed for Katniss and Gale to end up together, but after reading the book more than a few times and watching the films, Peeta sort of grew on me. Oh and goodness me, I’m such a sucker for historical fiction!

    Such a fun post Molly! 😀

    1. Yeah, that’s probably a book that should be reserved for the library. It’s had way too many mixed reviews, so it would suck to buy it then not like it (like I did! 🙁 )

      Ah, I still can’t stand Peeta. Then they picked that actor to portray him and it just cemented my wish for Katniss and Gale to end up together lol

      I wish I could get into historical fiction but ugh…I just can’t. I don’t even know why!

  10. Girl. You are hurting my heart with this Gale business! Unless… unless that leaves Peeta open to fall in love with me, in which case, you win 😀 I also loved Shatter Me. But yeah. I feel you with the tropes though! And I also have ZERO interest in Percy Jackson. People can tell me how good it is all day, and I simply do not care! Hahha. OH and for the last question, since I haven’t seen OR read GoT, I’d have to say The 100- because I hear that the books are a mess, but the show is INCREDIBLE! Very fun tag!

    1. hahahah xD I just hate Peeta! Then when the movies came out, it just made me hate him even more. He’s such a baby. I heard Shatter Me gets better and the writing gets toned down as the character develops, but I don’t know. I’m not too sure about that one – and now I’ve seen 204940298920 spoilers on who she ends up with so I wouldn’t even be invested in the love story aspect of it. I haven’t read The 100, so I can’t comment too much on that. I liked the show, for a while, now I’m getting a little over it. Stupid Clarke just needs to go away. xD

  11. You know, I agree with you on Simon. I hate Simon. And the fact that he got his own little mini-series of books drives me crazy because I HATE reading from Simon’s point of view. I read TID first, so I LOVED Will and Jem, and I mean, yes, Jace is very similar to Will but I appreciate a good sarcastic character so I was okay with it. Mostly because all my energy went into hating Simon, LOL.

    LOOOVED Red Queen, and I hope the movie does it justice. If it flops, I will be very unhappy. (same with the ACOTAR and TOG adaptations coming up).

    Still haven’t read Shatter Me but I’m fully prepared and have braced myself to have low expectations of this series.

    I still haven’t read a John Green book (although I own 4) or the Percy Jackson series (although I own the whole series) but I just never feel compelled to pick them up. I enjoyed the PJ movies, and wish they would’ve kept making them, but I don’t think Logan Lerman can pass as a teen anymore.

    YAS for Game of Thrones. Although I haven’t read all the books either. BUT the show is amazing and probably the best adaptation ever. Like, HBO should do ALL adaptations.

    1. I HATE SIMON. I hate him enough that I stopped reading TMI because he became a focus. He’s stupid. UGH.


      Shatter Me seems to be a hit or miss. I haven’t seen people “in between”. It’s mainly just the writing for me. Well, no, I also am not fond of the main character. But oh well.

      You haven’t read John Green?!?! Really?! PLEASE read one and let me know. I like TFIOS. But Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska are just TERRIBLE to me.

      YES. The show does a fantastic job! Have you watched Outlander?

  12. I agree with you about John Green. I read Paper Towns because EVERYONE was saying it was amazing, but honestly it just bored and annoyed me!

    1. I really disliked Paper Towns! Margo was so selfish and annoying. Who does that to the people they “love”. Gah. She wanted to be treated like an adult but acted like a child. So annoying xD