Super Informal TV Show Discussions (The 100, FTWD & more)

Hello, everyone! Today I just want to have a super informal chat about a few of the shows I have watched! I finally caught up on several of them and I have thoughts, man. I need to vent. So, just be aware that there will probably be spoilers throughout this post. I’ll be talking about one show at a time, so if you haven’t seen one of them, just skip to one you have seen to avoid spoilers 🙂 (Basically, I won’t be hiding spoilers because the post would probably end up being at least 80% hidden.) I think I’ve emphasized the point that there will be spoilers in this post, don’t you? So, let’s just jump right in.

Pretty Little Liars

I want to talk about this one first because the season finale was in March and I still haven’t been able to discuss this one with anyone. I feel like most people have given up on this show and, believe me, I’ve thought about it, but I keep truckin’. However, this season has made me second guess that decision. If you don’t know, season 5 ended with them revealing who A was (which just seemed like lazy writing to me and I was super disappointed) and then season 6 picked up 5 years later — which should have been a red flag to begin with, but nope, I watched.

My issue with this season was that it was FIVE YEARS LATER. They’re all in their 20’s, they’ve all (almost all) moved away, and then get pulled back into town because Allison wants CeCe released. Which, okay, fine, but the girls should have then left when the court appearances were through. Why the hell did they stay? And, oh, now there is a new A, but not? This new person uses freakin emojis? I just don’t understand. Honestly, since the start of the series (meaning season 1) I always thought “just call the damn cops” and I think it even more now because they are all adults! They wouldn’t be in this entire mess if they had just called the cops in the first place.


On top of that, the writers decided that it was a good idea to have every single couple be broken up with absolutely no explanation then use flashbacks throughout the season to show you why/how they all broke up. * eye roll * I don’t think we need some artsy-fartsy way to show how they broke up. Just fucking tell us then move on.

But, let’s just address the most important issue of all: I’m totally team #Spaleb & Aria and Ezra just need to be together, I mean fuck, it’s been 7 years and they are finally both adults UGH

I think at this point I only keep watching because Shay Mitchell is BAE, though.


The Vampire Diaries

Apparently it’s a trend to fast forward a number of years. This season of TVD started off where the previous season left off but would have flashforwards of three years later with another story line. Honestly, it got kind of confusing. There was one episode where they did a flashforward at the end of the episode but had to first do a recap of the previous flashforwards. Does that even make sense? I mean, if you have to do a recap in the middle of an episode of flashforwards, maybe just don’t fucking have flashforwards — either have the show take place in present day or three years later, pick one for God’s sake.


Anywho, about halfway through the season it stopped doing that and caught up with itself. So, yay! BUT THEN WE GOT FLASHBACKS of Bonnie and Enzo. Guys, I can’t handle this. Please, can we tell shows to stop jumping through the damn timeline? But seriously, I kind of ship Bonnie and Enzo (way more than Caroline and Stephan, which btw, their nickname is STEROLINE, wtf is that?)

I’m actually kind of glad that this season focused more on Bonnie than anyone else. She’s a character that doesn’t get a lot of attention on this show, she’s just always been there to do some spells to help people out, so I’m glad she got some more love. However, the last half of the season focused on her possibly dying. I thought it was super predictable that she wasn’t going to die because if she dies, that means Elena comes back and we all know that Nina Dobrev has left the show sooo…… And, let’s be real, no one important ever fully goes away on this show (except Elena because Nina is a deserter).

The 100

There are flashbacks in this season, I kid you not. What is up with the flashbacks, man?! I actually don’t mind them in this one, I’m just trying to make a point here  😎

The beginning of this season kind of lost me for a bit. About halfway through I started getting more into it, though. But, I do have a few issues/unpopular opinions:

Jasper — can he just die already? He spent the entire season crying, and crying, and crying, and more crying. I just don’t sympathize with him. He acts as if he is the only person who lost anyone or has gone through some terrible things. They need to stop coddling him and hugging him every time he cries. I’m not trying to be cruel, but they don’t have the luxury of being upset about things like we do. It is 100% about survival for them and to have someone not be mentally stable just isn’t useful. He needs to get his shit together, enough already.

Sometimes Clarke drives me insane. She throws a million pity parties throughout the season. Although, I do respect her for being willing to do whatever it takes to save her people — but if she becomes the next commander I might just lose it.

I am not a Clarke and Lexy shipper. It isn’t even convincing. Even when Clarke tells Lexy she loves her in the finale it wasn’t one of those “aww” moments (which btw, did you notice Lexy just said ‘I’ll always be with you’ in return?)

Lincoln’s death. Just. No. Nope. No. No. Nah. Nah bro. Nope.


A few questions about the finale: How was Lexy in the City of Light? I don’t understand how that worked. Also, why didn’t they just do the blood transfusion from the beginning? It would have saved a lot of time.

As for how the season ended: How the hell are they going to avoid radiation? There is no way in hell they’ll stop the nuclear plants from exploding out radiation into the atmosphere, so what are they going to do? Go back to space? Build another Mount Weather type thing? Just die? Unless there is some super unrealistic and convenient way that they can stop the nuclear plants from exploding? (Also, props to the writers to include that part of a post-apocalyptic world, because it would happen and it gets ignored in a lot of stories.)

Oh, and Octavia is still my favorite. Especially after the end of the finale. Don’t fuck with her.


Fear the Walking Dead

I’m writing this post prior to the mid-season finale on Sunday so some opinions may have changed.

This season is annoying me just a tad mainly because of Madison and Alicia Clark (the mom and daughter). Will SOMEONE please tell them to stop acting on their emotions and being dumb asses? Alicia gives away the boats location to the mysterious radio guy — which was obviously a freaking trap! Madison goes nuts about Travis’ son even though Travis had to put up with Nick’s addiction for YEARS with her. They both get so damn upset when they don’t rescue people — come on, ladies, use your brain! You can’t just rescue everyone you come across. They’re giving women a bad name with all their emotional reactions to things. I can’t stand it.

And the only person with some sense is the one they all suspected of doing something wrong — Victor Strand. Who the hell cares if it was his boat in the first place? It’s not exactly a time to be law abiding citizens! And of course he’s not going to go rescue random people on a lifeboat! JUST UGH. These people on their moral high horses aren’t using their damn brains. 


game of thrones

I’m not going to say a lot about this one since we’re only a few episodes in. I’m loving a lot of it, especially Sansa becoming a kick-ass woman. Not even going to lie, I almost cried when she and Jon were finally reunited. I’ve been waiting six seasons for the Starks to be reunited and I really hope this means that there will be less tragedy for them. Please, please, please let there be less tragedy. Just allow them to have a happy-ish ending. I really want Arya to find her way back to Sansa so that they can make up. Oh, and if Arya’s wolf finds her way back to them too, oh man, I actually would cry if that happened.

What I’m not really liking is that I feel like the writing has gotten a bit lazy. I don’t know how much Martin has told the writers about the story, I don’t know if they’re just on their own now, but I feel like a lot of super convenient things are happening. It doesn’t feel as complex as other seasons have been. For example, the way Osha dies. Are you kidding me? She’s had a decently important role throughout the show and that is how they kill her off? I feel like she deserved more than being stabbed in the neck while pretending to be a whore.  😕

On that same note, though, there are some instances where it seems like some of my theories will come to fruition. Only time will tell.

Either way, my husband and I already bought these shirts for ourselves because Tyrion is a BAMF:



There are quite a few shows I’m a season or more behind on. Once I catch up on those, I’ll talk about them 🙂 For now, these are the ones I’ve finally caught up on! Do you watch these? What do you think of my opinions/observations?


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22 thoughts on “Super Informal TV Show Discussions (The 100, FTWD & more)

  1. I actually have to say you’re right about PLL. I have watched the show from the beginning and loved it at first! I even thought last season was halfway decent, but I do not understand why they did the 5 year jump. It really didn’t work for me at all. The girls all act exactly the same! I’d like to think between 18 and 23 I grew up at least a little! I don’t even remember what episode I kind of just gave up at, but I definitely haven’t seen the finale.

    Same with TVD, actually. I was keeping up with it, but this series was SO BORING. I hate to say it, because I didn’t really like Elena, but I think the show has suffered without her. I really, really hate the entire storyline of this season (and last, if we’re being honest).

    I haven’t watched the most recent episode of GoT but I’m honestly a little bored with this too. Last season I actually stopped watching midway through and just finished it before the new season started. I am SO BORED with Arya’s storyline. In fact, I’m bored with a lot of them. If we could seriously just pick a few to focus on (preferably Jon/Sansa and Dany) I’d be so freaking happy.

    Great post! 😀

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

    1. I mean, I totally love PLL, especially the older seasons. I just always get annoyed that they never called the cops lol. Also, yeah, the 5 year jump isn’t working for me either because of SERIOUSLY, how have they not matured at all ?!?!

      For TVD, this series is kind of boring :/ I feel like it’s lasting FOREVER. I did like Elena because I was on board with the Elena and Damon thing and they were FINALLY together. And yeah, the show is suffering without her. It seems like they are trying to grasp on to some plot line with the other characters that will hook with people, but nothing is hooking. At least not with me.

      I get like that with GoT sometimes, but this time I’ve been watching fairly consistently. OK AND YES. Arya was one of my favorites. I was excited for her to become a kick ass chick. But….she’s not….nothing has happened in, what, two seasons now? I’m bored as fuck lol I also don’t really like Bran’s story. I never have. I want them to focus on Jon, Sansa, Dany and Tyrion. Fuck it to everyone else. Oh, and the religious fanatics are DRIVING ME INSANE.

  2. I like the idea of PLL but I never made it past S1 -not that I didn’t like it, but I knew there were like 5 seasons and I got watching something else. I kinda wondered how it went. The 100 of course I’m into and I agree about Jasper. Was hoping he’d get offed in the finale- him and Jaha. I mean he knew Maya for like 5 minutes, get over it. I do like Clarke though, even if she always gets her butt kicked. Seriously she needs hand to hand training. And I am looking forward to the radiation plotline next season. I liked season 2 best of this show.

    I think Lexa was there because she’s part of the Flame chip thingie, as a previous Commander. Or you know, whatever. The writers wanted her there lol. Fear the Walking Dead has such potential but like TWD they drag EVERYTHING out and the characters are dumb. Alicia is an idiot (I like her much more as Lexa) and Chris- I hate him. Not sure why, just do.

    On GoT the Jon/ Sansa reunion was awesome. I’m waiting for that moment in the books w/ Jon and Arya- hopefully it happens. I’ve always thought if the books end with that reunion I’d be happy. I didn’t like the Osha thing either- she’s supposed to be tough and I don’t see her going down that way. But I disagree with a lot they do on that show vis a vis the books. Did you see last night? Oh…man.

    1. PLL kind of stays the same…forever…. xD I mean, they reveal some stuff, but the same shit keeps happening. I really hoped that Jasper would die this season. Oh well.. Maybe next time lol. I just don’t like Clarke because I don’t like her leader mentality. Like, she takes everything into her own hands and usually fucks it up instead of working as a team with her friends. She also is always the one to make decisions for everyone, when she’s really no one.. I don’t know how to explain that correctly.

      Why weren’t the other commanders before her there then? I guess that’s why I questioned it. It just seemed like a really convenient way to bring her back so there could be this half-assed romantic moment xD

      I’m super behind on TWD (like 2 or 3 seasons), but I get what you’re saying. I actually really like how this FTWD mid-season finale ended, though, and it’s making me want to catch up on TWD. Chris is the other son right? He’s kind of irritating me right now. I don’t know how caught up you are so I don’t want to spoil anything.

      OKAY. Jon and ARYA?!?! I haven’t read all the books yet but if they have that in the show I will cry like a damn baby. They need to be reunited!

      I did see last night. I didn’t like it. At all. Like, really, that’s why Hodor says Hodor all the time? I don’t know, I didn’t like that revelation. I also just want more Tyrion lol

      1. Yeah I know what you mean about Clarke, I mean I like her but no one ever elected her frickin leader so I’m not sure why she takes it on herself order everyone around lol. It was nice to see people like Octavia push back and say no Clarke, we’re not doing that.

        TWD was weird this season, I thought it started out okay but the build up to Negan was SO overshadowing everything else I just got annoyed. I don’t read those comics so I don’t really care about any of that, I just wonder how they’ll get out of it. 🙂 FTWD I actually kinda like, but I haven’t seen the mid season finale yet. Hopefully this weekend. Yeah Chris is the kid who threatened Alicia…

        Jon and Arya are still apart in the books (the plot hasn’t moved much lol) but yeah- I need those two to survive, at least. 🙂

        1. Yeah, I’m excited to see Octavia in the next season! She doesn’t give a crap what people think/tell her to do.

          I’m too far behind on TWD to even know what Negan is xD Have you seen the mid season finale for FTWD yet?

          1. Exactly. Octavia rules. And Negan is some supposed badass who they spent the whole season building up to, basically. Every time I saw a Walking Dead article it was Negan this, Negan that. They drove it into the ground… to the point where I hardly care now. He’s the new nemesis for a while.

            I still have not seen FTWD finale. Hoping to watch it over the long weekend here. I need to catch up on that and Orphan Black, missed last week.

          2. Ah, I’ll have to catch up on TWD. I feel like TWD does a lot of those build ups and then kind of leaves you hanging..

  3. The only thing I haven’t seen in the 100 yet is the finale (skipped that part of your post) but I agree with everything else. Jasper needs to get the fuck out. I didn’t even want to abbreviate that, that’s how much he pisses me off. Seriously. I’ve always loved Monte, and the strain on their friendship this season makes me sad, because Monte is sad. But also getting some action. Where the fuck did that come from? Go Monte. LOL. But like, when Jasper had Finn’s ashes? WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THEM. Seriously. Why. Stop fucking crying. I understand you lost Maya. BUT OCTAVIA LOST LINCOLN AND THEY WERE IN LOVE FOR DAMN NEAR THREE SEASONS AND YOU DONT SEE HER LOSING HER SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE. Everyone has lost someone. Why do you get to be a basket case? If more characters were like Octavia, the show would be a thousand times better. Not that it isn’t good. Because I love it. Also. Fuck Lexa. Seriously. I’ve never liked her. And after what she did at Mount Weather? COME ONE CLARKE. I lost so much respect/love for Clarke for going back to Lexa. WHY CHOOSE HER WHEN YOU HAVE BELLAMY. I ship them so hard it’s unreal. Sadly I don’t think the show will ever make it a thing, but whatever. Lincoln’s death? Holy shit. I wasn’t prepared for that. I was not ready what so ever. Still have not accepted his death. It was by far the worst death for me on the show so far, and that’s saying something. There’s only been like three episodes in total without at least one death. (Every time I think about that, all I hear in my head is “A dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair” LOL)

    Which brings us to Game of Thrones. I feel like this season has huge shoes to fill. This isn’t season one anymore where everyone is new and little babies and it’s good but only decently entertaining. Not to dis the show, because it’s amazing. But it’s come SO FAR in just 5 seasons that it needs to keep getting even bigger and better and crazier and more badass, or it’ll completely fall flat. And I agree that the writing seems lazy. It just doesn’t feel like enough has happened and we’re already halfway through the season. PLUS, HBO gave the show $10 million budget PER EPISODE. Or, each episode costs $10 million. One or the other. So.. More should be happening, in my opinion. The Sansa/Jon reunion made me super happy. I’m also digging his man-bun this season. A lot. I hate to admit it, but I was getting a little bored with Dany’s storyline until she fucked shit up and burned some bitches. The Jorah moment from the most recent episode was sad, and 90% of the time I forget he’s supposed to be like at least double her age, which is the only reason I don’t ship them. But still want to ship them. But can’t. Plus, greyscale. So.. I want Arya to make her way back to the rest of the Starks (or even the same continent would be nice) but I feel like her story line is getting a little redundant. What is the point? She wants to serve the Many Faced God. They don’t think she’s ready. They beat the shit out of her. It’s a continuous cycle. I just hope something progresses in the next 5 episodes. I also want Tommen to MAN UP and go get Margaery. Bitch, go get your woman. PLUS I really want to know what he said to Cersei. There’s a lot of speculation about what it could be, and I guarantee you it’s not what she told the small council. I smell a trap/plot that has Cersei written all over it, which of course, will backfire. But anyways. I WANT THAT SHIRT. Where did you order it from?!

    I STILL haven’t watched Fear The Walking Dead and I’m like 3 seasons behind now in Pretty Little Liars. One day I shall catch up!!

    1. EXACTLY. All Jasper does is CRYCRYCRY. They have ALL lost someone, but it’s about surviving and you can’t sulk in a corner forever. Also, in a survival of the fittest situation, he would have been killed a long time ago. Someone needs to slap him. And seriously, Octavia is badass. THE FINALE. YOU NEED TO WATCH THE FINALE. Yeah, I was never a fan of Lexa (proof: I didn’t even get her name right in my “review”) HAHAHHAHA xD whoops. But I’ve also never liked Clarke. Well, season 1 I did. Then she started annoying the fucking shit out of me. I just want her to go away. I like Octavia and Raven. BOSS CHICKS.

      For GoT, I totally get that. They do have to keep getting bigger and better. Which is hard to do. But, I feel like there are just a lot of conveniences this season. I haven’t read all the books, so maybe they’re in the books too (which means I would feel like Martin got a bit lazy at times). Like Hodor. Super disappointed in that. And Summer. AND THE OSHA THING REALLY FUCKING BOTHERS ME. I recently read a theory that Dany will end up being the bad guy and OMG I AM SO FUCKING FOR IT. So I’m getting into her storyline just to see if it happens lol. It would be such a good twist. Arya’s story is definitely getting redundant. Nothing has changed in the past 2 seasons so far. I am so sad about that because I REALLY was rooting for her to become a badass. I feel like she could kill all these people without serving the god? I don’t know. Maybe I’m missing something there. OMGOMGOGMOGM YES. To Tommen. The fucking religious fanatics need to GTFO. Every time that guy is on screen I just say ” ugh, die already ” lol WAIT. WHO SAID WHAT TO CERSEI? I do not know what you are talking about whhhaaaa.

      The shirts are from the HBO store 😀

      1. I WATCHED IT LAST NIGHT. GOOO OCTAVIA. I was like, she’s totally gonna do it! And then Bellamy showed up and I was like SHIT now she missed her chance, and then Pike saved her and I was like OH SHIT NOW SHE WONT DO IT. And then she did it 🙂 THAT’S WHY I LOVE OCTAVIA. SHE GIVES ZERO FUCKS AND DOES WHAT SHE WANTS. Damn straight she had every right to do what she did. She was furious. And heartbroken. I don’t blame her AT ALL. Go Octavia. Also. I genuinely was not sure if Clarke would pull the damn kill switch or not. And Evan was like, SHE’S HESITATING. WHY IS SHE HESITATING. And I may have harnessed my inner Izma and shouted PULL THE LEVER, KRONK! Lmao. Yay for Disney references XD yeeaaahhhh idk how they’re gonna deal with the nuclear plants and shit. Re-build Mt Weather maybe. Or I’M SURE they’ll find (as you said) a super convenient way to deal with it.

        Yeah I agree. And I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but we’re officially in uncharted waters in comparison to the books, yes? We’ve passed what Martin has released and it’s all on the show writers now. In which case, they’re kinda dropping the ball a little bit. I feel like nothing has happened. At all. Tyrion made some peace. Aya got beat up. Sansa is angry. Jon said FUCK THIS to the watch. AND DIREWOLVES KEEP DYING. This is the most upsetting for me. Like. I wanted a happy little direwolf sibling reunion. Nymeria HAS to come back (so does Gendry, maybe he’ll go snap Arya out of her weird obsession with the Many Faced God. Maybe she has a thing for Jaqen H’ghar? LOL) The Osha thing really bothers me too, she deserved more than that. And Hodor. Jesus. As soon as he started screaming hold the door, I knew. But like. Holy fuck. How did Bran cause that? Maybe it explains it better in the books, but like, shit. And Ned HEARD him when he yelled dad! ALSO NOW WE WILL NEVER SEE THAT IN THAT SCENE NED WENT TO SAVE HIS SISTER AND REALIZED SHE WAS PREGGO AND THATS WHY HE HAS JON SNOW. Just saying. What’s the theory behind Dany being the bad guy?! I must know! AND What Tommen said to Cersei. He had that scene with the High Sparrow and the High Sparrow told him that story about himself and whatever, then it showed Tommen talking to Cersei, and he’s like, the High Sparrow told me something, but I’m not supposed to tell you. It’s a secret. And he like starts tearing up. And she tells him to tell her. (Or something like that) and then it cuts to her and Jamie crashing the Small Council meeting and saying that the High Sparrow is planning the walk of shame for Margaery as well. Which doesn’t make sense. Cersei had to do the walk of shame because she’s a ho, and slept with her brother and cousin and all that shit. Margaery is literally locked up for lying to the High Sparrow (or whatever. When she said she didn’t know about Loras, and a witness said she did). SO WHY WOULD THEY HAVE THE SAME PUNISHMENT. They wouldn’t. The High Sparrow has said that until she confesses (to lying) she will remain there. And then she can go. SO now there’s all these theories about what Tommen told Cersei. Here are the short versions of the top theories : 1. Jamie is his father, thus delegitimizing his claim to the throne. But that doesn’t make sense, because that’s not exactly a “secret” as far as Cersei is concerned. She would know. Tommen would just have to call her out on it. 2. The High Sparrow knows who killed Joffrey. But that also seems unlikely because originally it was Lady Tyrell and Little Finger that knew. Lady Tyrell told Margaery and Little Finger told Sansa. How would the High Sparrow know? Little Finger is the only one that would have possibly blabbed and I don’t think he’s been able to, or has, but could be wrong. 3. What will happen to Margaery if Tommen shows force against the Faith Militant. I’d like to hope it might be this one, because that would show he legitimately cares about Margaery, which I think he does, and he’s concerned about her well being and getting her back and all that. 4. That Tommen is setting a trap for Cersei (unlikely) because he knows his mother doesn’t care about her or like her and doesn’t have her best interest at heart. Also cute, but I don’t think he’s devious for that. But it’s Game of Thrones. So idfk man.


        1. hahahhaha during the lever scene they said “You have 10 seconds” — I literally counted down 10 seconds and I was like THAT WAS MORE THAN TEN SECONDS PULL THE DAMN LEVER. However, I was kind of also thinking….don’t pull the lever and no one would have to deal with the nuclear plants bullshit. The dilemma.

          I think there is SOME stuff from the previous books that they are bringing into this season, but yeah, I think for the most part the writers are on their own now. AND SERIOUSLY NOTHING HAS HAPPENED.

          I think that third theory makes the most sense but the sad part is…I DONT EVEN REMEMBER THAT SCENE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. like…..what? hahahah xD

          As for Dany, I saw a video on Youtube where this guy talks about how once Dany comes to Westeros she won’t be such a good guy anymore. Basically, where she is currently at, she’s on a moral high ground because she’s the “breaker of chains” and freed all the slaves. But once she comes to Westeros, there are no slaves for her to free. Instead, it’ll be her showing up with an army and her dragons burning shit and taking over. Which won’t go over very well with everyone living there. Also, the guy points out that in all the scenes where she burns someone, she has this almost joyous expression like she ENJOYS burning people. So, yeah, they think she’ll end up being the bad guy. WHICH WOULD BE SO COOL TO ME.

          1. HAHAHA I did that too. Whenever they give a count down, I always count in my head and it NEVER lines up lol. I mean. I get it. This is going to be scary shit. BUT ALLIE… Soo.. I probably woulda made the same decision as Clarke. But idk man LOL.

            Yeah… Hopefully tonights episode is really good and a lot of stuff happens! BAHAHA oh well, hopefully it’ll be touched on soon and you’ll remember. Or they’ll show a flashback or have it or something in the recaps.

            As for Dany, that totally makes sense. And it’s probably pretty accurate. Also, she’s going to westeros to claim the throne, right? So makes sense that she’ll fuck shit up when she gets there. And I mean.. she IS related to the Mad King, so, it doesn’t really phase me that she enjoys burning people. She is the unburnt. She enjoys flaunting that over people lol. I might too if I were her.

            I saw an interesting fan theory the other day that Jon Snow and Meera Reed are actually twins. They’re the same age, they look alike, AND the big one was that in the scene they showed us where Ned and his crew were going to rescue his sister, the only other person who lived was (forget his first name) Reed. Jojen and Meera’s father. So, it could have easily been that Ned was like, I’ll take this one and you take that one (kinda like star wars with Luke and Leia). We know Meera is older than Jojen, and I don’t remember if the video said that in the books or the show that the Reeds had said they were trying to have a baby and couldn’t so that’s why he woulda taken the other twin. Just a theory. But that would also make her a Targaryen if you believe the Jon / Tyrion are Targaryen theory. Which I so do. The video also said that Varys might be a Targaryen but I didn’t really buy that one. Anyway. Food for thought 🙂

          2. I haven’t watched last nights episode yet. Somehow Matt and I COMPLETELY FORGOT and by the time we remembered, I was too tired xD We’ll probably watch it today.

            YES. I forgot to mention that point. That she’s related to the Mad King — who also liked burning people lol OK WTF. I had to google Meera Reed, because I didn’t know which one she was. AND I TOTALLY JUST GOT A HUGE FUCKING SPOILER FROM LAST NIGHT’S EPISODE. STUPID FUCKING NEWS HEADLINES. I’m going to pretend like I ddin’t see that.

            Idk if I’m sold on the Meera theory because of the whole 3 dragons, 3 siblings thing. It would fuck it all up lol. We’ll see!

  4. Okay so first of, I’m not up-to-date on a lot of these shows so I’m only going to comment the other reviews when I’ve watched the season finales (there’s so much catching up that I still have to do! :0)

    PLL: Still missing half the season -.-

    The Vampire Diaries: I was so confused when season 7 started with those two different timezones, but I must admit I really liked it! I like when you have to think about stuff whilst watching and can’t predict everything that happens so you actually have to use your brain 😛 I really shipped Steroline (yes awkward name, but hey at least it sounds better than Benzo :P) in season 4-6 and I was so happy when they got together. This season they were just too weird for me though. And I feel really bad for Alaric and his kids. I can’t wait to find out where this goes because ultimately I’m still totally Team Klaus/Caroline!! I’m just beginning to think that the writer’s are missing new ideas because it all seems to repeat over and over again. Now they’re after “Bad Damon” again, another boyfriend has gone evil (Enzo) and it’s just a little frustrating. Also I feel like they’ve lost Matt. I used to love this character and now he just annoys me so damn much.

    The 100: 3 Episodes missing

    Game of Thrones: Haven’t gotten further than Season 1 Episode 1 yet

    1. I like Benzo more xD It’s like PLL! Buttah Benzo. But that’s besides the point….hahah

      I guess I just didn’t buy the Stephan Caroline thing because it just seemed like because Nina left the show, they had to replace the romance between her and Damon with something else. So they chose that. It just seemed lazy. BUT I DID LIKE KLAUS/CAROLINE! hhah Also, I am feeling bad for Alaric, too! AND OMG I AGREE WITH THE REPETITIVE THING. I literally thought that same thing at the season finale…like “oh god, here we go again”. It’ll be a plot twist if someone ACTUALLY dies and STAYS DEAD. xD Oh, and yeah, Matt’s story is just kind of meh to me. He randomly shows up and I forget that he was even there…..

      1. It just seemed obvious to me from season 3 on (I think) that Caroline would be a much better suit for Stefan than Elena. In the beginning I totally shipped Stelena and I still like them better than Delena, though I’d never want her to get back together with Stefan again. She just belongs to Damon now and that’s the way it should be. I’m just not the biggest Damon fan 😛

        I’m not up to date with Originals (do you watch it?) but from TVD I gathered that Klaus has disappeared somehow?? I hope that if and when TVD stops filming, Candice can swith to The Originals and finally get together with Klaus. That would be my dream 😛 But yeah, I haven’t seen the 3rd Season of TO yet, so maybe Klaus has another love interest I haven’t gotten to know yet.

        Right!! When Bonnie was so close to dying I literally thought “yeah, she’s gonna die and they’ll discover a new part of the afterlife that somehow still has a connection to earth and the living and there’s a new evil mastermind trying to get out of that plane” 😛

        1. I’m a huge Damon fan. From the very beginning I was rooting for him xD hahahah

          I’m not caught up on the Originals either. I got a little bored with that? While I like Klaus’s character, the actor just….idk…I’m not a big fan.

          Also, SERIOUSLY! No one ever actually dies…… It’s predictable at this point.

          1. Nooooooooooo but but but why??? I mean STEFAN! 😛 My friends and I, we’re like around 6 people and we used to watch the series together from the second season on and I’d always be the only one on Team Stefan. Which isn’t actually that bad, I could dream about him and have him all to myself 😛

            Yeah, me too. And since I don’t have a lot of free time atm I just avoided watching it. But I like Joseph and the rest of the cast. But my alltime favourite character of Originals was and probably always will be Elijah! 🙂

            Yeps. Well, except for Jenna :(( And I’d actually really love to see Kai back on the team!! I LOVED him! 😀

          2. Stefan has just ALWAYS annoyed me. Also, the actors facial expressions are just -_- hahah he always looks sad.

            I may watch it one day. I don’t know. I’m not super into it for some reason.

            OKOK. So no MAIN characters actually die hahahah xD

          3. Haha yeah. I think the one most annoyed by Stefan is Paul Wesley:P He totally hates his character ^^

            Okay, let me know if you do 😀

            Yeah, exactly 😛 But have you heard of the newest discussion? Rumours are spreading that they were/are (idk) thinking about killing Damon so that Nina Dobrev could come back because she won’t work with Ian anymore