My Thoughts After Binge Watching Grey’s Anatomy

I originally planned to write this post after I finished season 4. I wanted to break down my thoughts in a sort of recap style every few season. Surprise Surprise … I failed. So, here I am, writing a recap for all 13 seasons that I binge watched in two months. I’ll probably forget a lot and I don’t want this to be too long, so I’ll most likely talk about some of the more recent stuff.

FYI, I have not watched the newest episode yet, so no spoilers!

So, my Grey’s Anatomy addicts, come chat with me because I need to.

Side note: This is ranty and FULL OF SPOILERS.


First of all, Yang is the most amazing human being on that show and I’m still bitter that she’s gone so just don’t even dare say anything bad about her or I’ll hunt you.

With that out of the way, it’s pretty hard to discuss all the characters because there are so many and a lot of stuff has happened. Instead, I’m just going to talk about the few that I either love, or really really don’t like. Shall I vent about the annoying ones first? Ok, yeah, sounds good to me too.

  • MEREDITH. She. Is. Terrible. I never even pay attention to her little monologues any more, half the time they don’t even make sense anyways. Mostly, though, I find her love life to be exhausting and that she seems to think that no one else has had a rough life. Yes, she’s experienced a lot, but so has basically everyone on the damn show – yet she acts like it’s some sort of contest and she has it worse of all. Oh, and her vanishing for a year and having a “secret” baby….that was just the icing on the cake for me.
  • OWEN. He’s not terrible but I need to get this off of my chest. WHY DOES HE NEVER DISCUSS A FAMILY BEFORE MARRYING SOMEONE? My husband and I had that discussion prior to signing that piece of paper. Why does he not do this? He could have avoided the last two hot messes of marriages if he just did that. But nope, instead he just gets married then tries to pressure the female into having children? PUH-LEASE.
  • JO. I feel like she shares a bit of the same personality as Meredith, like she’s the only person on the planet who has had a hard life. She constantly uses it to justify her actions. Yet, when Karev gets in a fight thinking he’s defending her, she hates him? Bitch please. Do you not remember that you also put a guy in the hospital several seasons earlier? Also, why the hell did she not tell Karev about her marriage? I don’t understand what was so difficult about that when she so easily opened up about it to the other guy. (Convenient plot point, maybe?)

Ok, that’s enough negativity for characters. Let’s talk about the ones I do like:

  • YANG YANG YANG YANG YANG YANG YANG YANG. All day. Every day. She is my sister. She is my best friend. She is my queen. The end.
  • KAREV. It took a little while for me to like his character but now I love him. I feel he is the one who has changed and grown the most on the show and I admire that. I hate what he had to go through in the last season but at least he’s not in jail? Still, he better not go back to Jo or I might rage.
  • BAILEY. Well, sort of. She’s kind of pissing me off now but in most of the show she was one of my favorites. I love how she just doesn’t like dealing with the interns and how she’s so mean. Now, she’s doing things that I’m not too fond of, like messing with Webber. Don’t mess with Webber, damn it.


I’m not going to go into detail for each one, just simply list them. This would be way too long if I broke down why.


  • Izzy and Denny
  • April and Jackson (who knows?)
  • Meredith and Derek (duh)
  • Lexie and Mark (SOBBBBBBBBBB)
  • Teddy and Henry (again, sobbbbbb)


  • Alex and Izzy
  • Alex and Jo
  • Christina and Owen
  • Christina and Burke
  • Izzy and George
  • Callie and Arizona
  • Catherine and Richard
  • Owen and Amelia


1. DEREK’S DEATH. Yeah, I’m diving right into this one because I was PISSED at how they wrote him off the show. Here are my main points:

  • Why they gotta have him kiss someone in the episode prior? I mean really? They just had to taint the marriage one last time right before?
  • Who, in their right mind, after being in an accident, LOOKS AT THEIR PHONE WHILE DRIVING? Not only that, but STOPPED PERPENDICULAR TO THE ROAD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD? Come on, why did they make him so stupid in that scene?

Just. What. The. Fuck.

That is all.

2. THE AIRPLANES. THE DAMN AIRPLANES. I am so sick of it. Please, please just stop with the airplanes. They’ve been in a plane crash, plane crash victims got brought to their hospital, Meredith is on a plane when it has the worst fucking turbulence ever yet somehow manages to hold a syringe in a brain with no problems? She’s a wizard apparently. Either way, please make the planes stop.

3. On that note, please, no more sisters. NO. MORE. LONG. LOST. SISTERS.

Ok so obviously this could be a lot longer but I don’t want to review 13 seasons worth of Grey’s Anatomy.  So, tell me whatever you like/hate/want to rant about in the comments! Do you agree with me? Disagree? Is there someone or something that I didn’t bring up that you want to vent about? I want to hear it! 

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

23 thoughts on “My Thoughts After Binge Watching Grey’s Anatomy

  1. I hate Jo so freaking much, I mean at first I used to feel for her but she’s acting like a 15 year old and Karev got into trouble. April and Jackson are the only ones left worth watching for me, I was this close to stop watching after what Shonda did to Lexie and Mark!

    1. SAME. I didn’t always hate her but now she just annoys me so much. and UGHYES. Lexie, Mark and Yang. All gone. It’s so sad – sometimes I don’t know why I bother to be honest hahaah

  2. i love this! lol i honestly stopped watching after they merged the two hospitals. the ridiculous amount of chaos that one cast of characters faces in this show was just too much for me anymore. i enjoyed it until then, mostly.

  3. I used to love this show but it had become too dramatic for my taste. I stopped watching when Danny died because it was too much. I really wished you mentioned O’malley though because I love him 🙁 And yes, I know what happened with him. I agree with Karev being the most with character growth in this show. And yeah Jo doesn’t deserve him.

    On the other note, I really considering of rewatching this show to help me with A&P. I heard Grey’s Anatomy helped a lot 😀

    1. It is VERY dramatic lol TBH, I didn’t really like George. I feel like I’m the only person on the planet who wasn’t crazy for his character lol I mean, I didn’t hate him, he was just kind of there and I never cared what was going on with him. Also, sorry, but what is A & P?

  4. I haven’t seen the last half of season 13 (or any of 14 if it’s already started airing) but I left off with Meredith and…….. Riggs, that’s his name, in the back of her car (his car?) and hiding it from Maggie but she was all, don’t date Maggie but I don’t know what I want. I think that’s right. Legit been a year since I watched it.

    HOWEVER. Seasons 1-12 I’ve seen multiple times. I fucking LOVE this show. It’s probably my favourite show ever. I cry, (nay, weep), I laugh, I squeal, I scream. Shonda Rhimes knows what she’s doing folks.

    For the most part I agree with you, however I do genuinely love Mer. I’m not saying she isn’t annoying and doesn’t need the occasional bitch slap to bring her back down to earth, but I do like her as a character. Karev is my all time favourite. I have never cheered for any of his relationships, LEAST OF ALL JO. I looooooooooooved Yang. I agree. She’s queen. She’s amazing. I also really like Arizona too, and Amelia when she sticks up for herself and gets all feisty. April and Jackson were fucking adorable and (although idk where they’re at now) I hope they end up together in the end.

    While I did want Izzy and Denny together till the end of time, by the time she left the show I was so done with her. I found her soooo annoying. Idk what it was, but even rewatching the earlier seasons I hate her cause I know how she ends up LOL.

    Lol I could talk about this show until I die of old age. I’m so stoked you binged it and looooved it!

    1. hahah I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT TOO. but I can’t get on board with Mer. She just pushes my buttons hahaha Though I’m glad that we’re on the same page with Karev and Yang. I don’t know if we could still be friends if you didn’t like Yang lolol

      OK I DO AGREE ABOUT IZZY. I NEVER liked her character. She annoyed me 99% of the time, I just really wanted them to work out because I didn’t want her with Karev hahaha

      1. Hahahaha that’s okay, I actually know a lot of people who don’t really like Mer. I also actually have some qualms you didn’t mention in regards to Derek’s death. Yang is Mer’s person. She’s Zola’s god mother. I find it so untrue to her character and their friendship that she didn’t come back for Derek’s funeral OR wasn’t a part of Mer’s mysterious year away. Even is Sanda Oh didn’t want to do a cameo, to my recollection they didn’t even mention her. (However I thought it was super touching that when she had Ellis, they called Karev and he’s her new emergency contact / person.)

        Thank you. Some people LOVE Izzy and rave about her and I’m like WHY. She had some funny moments or decent scenes and YAS I loved me some Denny but like she wasn’t a very great character. She was whiny af and super annoying.

  5. My best friend is TRASH for Grey’s Anatomy, and I got addicted to it until I reached season 5. I’m not great at finishing t.v. shows because, after burning my eyes out, I get tired and need something new. Aforementioned BFF, though, has watched it all and get’s obsessed AF. She’s re-watched Derek’s death 6 times already and never stops rambling about it.
    I HATED Christina and Burke and then her and Owen together. Those ships DEFINITELY need to blow up in flames. LEXI and Mark were my FAVORITES, and my friend spoiled me for what happened. I’m so SAD.
    I like the series a lot, but 13 seasons is TOO MUCH. I have to watch in fragmented parts.

    1. Oh wow! I’ve only watched it all the way through once hahah And have only rewatched a few episodes with a friend who was behind. I don’t know if I’d say I was AS INTO IT as your friend. hahah

      YES. I love Christina but never liked anyone she was with haha

      13 season is a lot…I just like to binge watch things hahah I threw a few things into the mix but mainly just obsessed over that show.

  6. I love this show. Sometimes I love to hate it lol. Meredith is the worst. She is just annoying at all times. I loved and miss Christina. I hold out hope for Jackson and April. I am sure I will watch this until the bitter end even as it gets kind of stale (reusing storylines). Good for you for binging that in two months. That is a lot of episodes!!

    1. Meredith IS the worst. And it sucks because she’s the damn MC and narrator of the show hahaha. It does reuse storylines, but at this point, 13 seasons in, I’m committed lol

  7. I got a little choked up thinking about Derek. *a moment of silence* I think I cried for weeks after that episode. I AM still pulling of April and Jackson. They are so good together. I hope that happens. Christina was fabulous, but you know what? I have grown to love Meredith. She is very complicated and I appreciate all her layers.

  8. You’re so on point about the plot points that I don’t even have anything to add. Especially about the sisters. HOW MANY CAN THERE BE. Like, seriously. Especially since lost sister equals lost daughter as well, sometimes. (Planes I don’t mind THAT much because catastrophes in GA usually result in more intense episodes… Usually.)
    And same about the couples you liked? Honestly, I’m still sobbing about them all. Especially Lexie and Mark. I’ll be sobbing about them in my own grave.
    In general, I feel like Gray’s Anatomy was reeeeally great the first two or three seasons (aside from Burke, I hated Burke and what he did to Christina throughout their relationship) but then it just went downhill. Boring episodes, ruined characters (like George and Derek) just to write them off the show, and such cheap relationship drama. I still haven’t caught up with the last two seasons, and my friends swears it’s getting better again. Please tell me it is so?

    1. hahah EXACTLY. HOW MANY LOST SISTERS. and now not even with meredith…now there’s something else with a lost sister but I won’t spoil it for you.

      I agree with a lot of your negatives actually. There are times the show just sucks for sure, but I love stupid drama and it’s great to have on in the background even when it sucks haha. It has it’s ups and downs. Sometimes I LOVE the main story line or drama of the episode, other times I’m like OKAYYYY can we please move on? So I don’t know how to answer that lol