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This post is inspired by Drizzle & Hurricanes post.

After reading Marie’s post, I got to thinking about my own blogging goals & bucket list. Whether I had a bucket list, or if I’ve already accomplished some of my goals. What I realized is that I actually never really considered what my goals were.

I started my blog a little over two years ago for one reason and one reason alone: I wanted to talk about books, movies, tv shows, and games that I loved. I don’t have friends in “real life” that read or watch the same things as I do (my husband does watch a lot of the same movies, but doesn’t read YA or watch some of the ‘teen’ shows I do). So, I just wanted a place to fangirl. Simple as that.

Two years later, that mission hasn’t changed. I still want to build great friendships with you guys and fangirl over my favorites, but I’d be lying if I didn’t have some sort of bucket list that I want to accomplish. So, here they are:


Who doesn’t want this? It’s the best feeling when people tell me that I’m a blog they look up to. The best feeling – but it would be just as sweet if I was a blog that people just know about. There are several bloggers out there that when you mention their blog name, you know exactly who they are. Wouldn’t that just be an amazing feeling? I bet you even know who I’m talking about when I say this!

*such a pompous gif but I had to  😆 


Okay, I sort of already do this but not as much as I would like. I have a tendency to fail at reviewing books when I say I will, so this is something I can 100% improve on. Either way, I think it’s important to share works from indie/self pub/small press authors. Some of my favorite books I’ve ever read fall into that category, yet I feel sometimes there is a stigma about them. I want to be able to dismantle that, because if you don’t read indie authors y’all are missing out.


I totally agree with Marie on this one. While I do own my own bookish merch company, I think it would be so much fun to rep for a book box or bookmark company! (I also realize this is not technically a blog related thing since most reps rep over on Instagram, but still) I guess I can’t complain since I never enter any rep searches, but this brings me to my next point:


I don’t enter giveaways or rep searches that require a repost because my “real life” friends follow my bookstagram/blog and I feel weird doing it. I also just feel uncomfortable when people ask me what I do for fun. This is usually how that conversation goes:

PERSON: What do you do?
ME: Oh..nothing..I have a website where I like…review books and stuff.
PERSON: Oh *nods head*
HUSBAND: She’s being humble. She has a great website where she reviews books and she also does design work and has her own store selling her designs.

Shout out to my husband for being the awesome, supportive person he is and making my awkwardness seem less awkward.

One day, I hope to feel confident enough in my hobby and business that I just tell everyone who ever asks meand do it with conviction.


I’ve gone to Yallwest and met some of you, it was so much fun! It would also be amazing to meet up with bloggers or bookstagrammers who live in my area because we could actually hang out instead of waiting for the book events! I always see these sort of meet ups shared on social media and I think it would just be so much fun to finally meet some of you in person.

*So if any of you live in Southern California or travel here for book events, reach out to me!

What are your blogging goals or bucket list? cDo we share any similar ones?

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28 thoughts on “My Blogging Bucket List

  1. I would love to be a blog people recognise! Sadly I don’t think I am there yet! I think I’m fine with being awkward and not telling anyone about my blog at the moment. I like my blog to stay in the online world.And I think I would just be really nervous about a meet up though i would love to meet certain bloggers.

  2. I’ve never actually thought about my big-picture blogging goals/bucket list! I just kind of started the blog with no real expectations that anyone would even read it. I would like to get more comfortable talking about my blog in my “real” life, though. I just don’t think most people would care. I mentioned it to one of brothers one time because I had a technical question and he’s a computer guy, and after answering the question, he didn’t really seem to care what the blog was about! But yeah, it has become a big part of my life, so I should be able to talk about it

  3. I so agree with being a blog people just recognize! That would be such an awesome feeling! 😍 Aw, your husband is so sweet for saying all those things about your blog; I was shocked when my dad asked about my blog a couple weeks back and my younger brother said that lots of people seem to enjoy it; I didn’t think he paid attention! A meet-up would be so much fun; too bad I live in North Carolina; I don’t think too many bloggers love here! 😩

    1. AW YES. My whole family knows about mine and ask about it regularly. I don’t mind talking about it with them but with friends or strangers…nop haha Do you ever go to Yallfest? That’s in SC right?

  4. Being a known blogger is my dream too. Even if it takes a while, I don’t think I mind. Blogging and reading are the two things I love the most, and I have so much fun doing them I don’t even think about followers or comparing myself to others. This is the one platform where I feel utterly free to say what I think and be myself. Making new friends that are just as nerdy as I am and understand me is the best, too, and it makes me the happiest.
    To be a rep for a subscription box company would be SO amazing as well! I hope you can check off these items eventually and grow even more. You really deserve it!

  5. OMG YESSS to the feeling comfortable when talking about your blog one! I still have SO much trouble with it — I mention my blog to practically no one in real life (I’m scared of the haters XD). And yes, being a name that other bloggers recognize is so AMAZING! Or when they tell you that you’re one of their favorite bloggers and your heart just melts… :’) Great post!

    1. hahah A LOT of people KNOW I blog but I don’t talk about it and try to avoid it being brought up. It’s so awkward haha AW YES. I LOVE when people tell me I’m one of their favorites. Such a great feeling!

  6. Man, it would be so cool to be a bookish rep, and check your mail and see some interesting trinkets ^_^
    I also reckon you’ve achieved goal number 1 – you’re definitely a blog lots of people know! From all your tips about how to blog, your own store…you’re doing amazing things, girl!

    1. That’s the best part! MAIL! hahah Actually, since I wrote this I DID become a rep for a bookish company so YAYYYY! One down! haha Also, aw shucks. thank you! I don’t see myself as that but that’s nice to know others care about my blog <3

  7. I`m with you on having a blog that people recognize. Obviously, I blog because I`m passionate about books, but it would be nice to know that my opinion matters. While it`s not really related, I want to be more active on Goodreads. I always forget to post my reviews there.

    Carmen / Carmen`s Reading Corner

  8. I’ve never really had goals for my blog either other than to just spread the love about great books and whatnot, but now I wonder if maybe I do have some kinda subconscious ones since some of these sound good lol. And it’s always great to see other bloggers supporting indie/self pub books!

  9. This is such a great post, Molly, I loved reading about your goals and I’m so happy my post inspired you to talk about these 🙂 I so want to have a blog that’s recognized as well, it’s one of the ultimate goals for me, it would make me feel like I “made it” somehow here in the blogging community, ahah 🙂 I always feel a little bit awkward talking about my blog as well so…I try and avoid it ahah 😛

    1. It definitely inspired me! I need to make some of these goals happen now haha. I try to avoid talking about mine too but it’s hard because this and my store are basically my full time jobs. So when people are like “what do you do” it’s kind of awkward >.<

  10. I live in New Zealand so bookish events are basically impossible unless I’m prepared to spend a lot of money travelling… it’s so sad because I would love to go to some sort of bookish event! Awesome bookish bucket list, I think mine would probably be pretty similar, except one day I’d also love to get published….

  11. I had one simple goal when I started blogging and that was literally to find others who liked similar books to me and talk about them. THat’s it. I wanted to find new books and basically have fun. I wanted to be able to talk about stuff which interested me and make my own little corner of the internet my own. I feel like I’ve done/am doing that. Sure, some things have changed with what I want. I want to get better at connecting with folks on social media and I want to be better at promoting books I love, especially smaller books which don’t always get the attention they deserve. I never wanted to be a big blog I just want to do what I enjoy.

    I am with you on not being 100% comfortable talking about my blog and what I do. I mention to folks I review books online but I really play it down. I wish I was more confident in that but I am now one for shouting out about my accomplishments and never will be.

    1. Exactly! I just wanted a place to connect with people that shared similar interests as me. So, I agree with everything you said.

      I also play it down when it gets brought up. It’s usually my husband who has to be like “no its cool!” with our friends haha

  12. Once life calms down I really want my blog to have regular posts. I really have only posted reviews and want to expand that to unboxings, merchandise reviews, TV or movie reviews (possibly).