Monthly Wrap-Up: May, Redbubble, Audiobooks & Birthdays, Oh My!

→ May is a month of celebrating for my family because it’s my mom’s birthday month! This year she turned the big 6-0! Also, I tagged along with my husband to the golf course. I don’t golf, but it was surprisingly fun to watch and drive the golf cart around! (A golf course is also a great place for photos – next time I’m bringing a bag of books with me to take pictures of  😆 )

→ Also, I read SO MUCH this month. Well, ‘so much’ for me. I read 4 books and listened to 1 audiobook. I’m so proud of myself! I also discovered that audiobooks are super helpful. Sometimes I just don’t want to actually read a book but I want to be consumed in a story – listening to an audiobook definitely helped with that. So, I bought 6 more of them and am going to start listening to those more often. Sometimes I clean or blog while listening to them, other times I just sit with a snack and listen. Either way, it’s so nice! Do you listen to audiobooks?

→ Lastly, I’ve opened up a Blu Bear Bazaar Shop Extension on Redbubble! I decided to try this out just to see how it goes. I’m only offering products that can’t already be purchased from the main store. You can get things like stickers, notebooks, laptop skins, Samsung phone cases, and travel mugs. Also, only the most “popular” designs are up on it for now while I test it out! Here are some examples:


I did a lot better than I thought this month! Woo!
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How was your May? Is it starting to feel like summer for you yet? Do you have any summer plans?

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20 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: May, Redbubble, Audiobooks & Birthdays, Oh My!

    Because I feel like mine are just all over the place! Happy Birthday to your Mum! Yes, you must always be looking out for good photo spots! I’ve listened to one audio book in my entire bookish life AND i loved it but just never tried it out again? I make no sense. CONGRATS on reading so much!! YAYYY!
    I’m so exciting for you upcoming posts and June in general! My may was fabulous, I think? Summer is definitely kicking in, with storms, dripping sweat and the holiday vibes! I’ve still got school for about 2 months still, so my plans are very limited!

    1. hahahah I have a template! I created a template a while back with all of my headers. Then I just fill it all in when it’s time to write it lol

      Give audiobooks another try! If you liked it the first time, you’ll probably still like it – which just means more books read! Also, two more months?! When do you get a break?! haha

    1. haha Thanks! It was a very good month for me 🙂 And that’s good! Productive months are the best. I hope you enjoy your June 🙂

  2. OMG, I love that Belle graphic! It’s so cute, and that’s the line I always think of when I think of Beauty and the Beast! I’ve never tried audiobooks – I’m afraid that if I listen to them while I’m doing something else, I won’t be paying very good attention and I’ll miss something??

    1. Thank you! For audiobooks, try listening to them while cooking, getting ready for the day, or cleaning. That’s when I listen to them. If you ever miss something, they have the option to skip back 30 seconds at a time. So whenever I find that I lost track of whats happening, I just rewind!

    1. Thank you! Also, audiobooks are so helpful! I’ve been listening to them a bit more lately. I’m on The Night Circus right now. They’re great while I’m getting ready or cooking dinner.

  3. I did not do much reading in May at all, mostly due to all the tests and finals… *sigh* stressss…. Now that I’m off on summer break, I have a lot more time to read, but I keep getting distracted by twitter… -_-

  4. Ah, yeah to reading more! I’m hoping to read more once I come back from vacation since I got SO MANY amazing books from Bookcon, and I also have about 248084 e-ARCs to read that are all coming out this summer. Oops. XD

    Also, very interested in seeing your review for The Passenger and some more blogging confessions! I have The Passenger on my TBR, so I can’t wait to see what you think! 😀

    Also, thanks so much for linking to THREE of my posts! You are way too generous. <3

    1. EEP THAT’S SO COOL YOU WENT TO BOOKCON! I hope you had fun 🙂

      Also, you’re welcome. Just stop posting so many good discussions and I wouldn’t have to lol jk

  5. Happy to hear you had a great May, Molly ♥ Glad to see you enjoyed Girl in Pieces. It’s one I’m really interested in. Hopefully I can get to it soon 😀 Also, loving your designs!! Good luck with the RedBubble store!!

    1. Thank you, Lauren <3 I hope you like Girl in Pieces when you read it! It's definitely a hard topic book, have tissues ready. Also, thank you! 🙂