Monthly Wrap-Up: August; Celebrating & A Mini-Hiatus

→ HI FRIENDS! First off, this wrap up is serving as my monthly August recap (a little early) AND a quick announcement. The announcement first:

I’m going to be on a mini-hiatus until about September 10th. Basically, my husband is on vacation and we’re celebrating my birthday this week & are just going to be busy. I was originally going to plan ahead and have posts scheduled but then I realized I won’t be on all that much to even reply to comments! So, instead of a ghost posting things, I’m just going to take a little break! This way, I don’t have to worry about the blog while I’m celebrating my birthday and I can actually write posts I want to write instead of just fillers. Who knows, maybe I’ll even finish a damn book!

→ So, with that out of the way, August was/is a good month so far! It’s been pretty relaxing but also exciting! I’ve made a bunch of changes to Blu Bear Bazaar, with even more coming. And I’m going to San Diego for my birthday this weekend! We’re going to go to the zoo (we do this every year, it’s tradition now)  and party down in the Gaslamp area. It should be fun and I’ll share all about it next bi-weekly chat!

→ Anywho, that’s pretty much all I did this month. It was an easy one.

Literally, I only read one book.

Bull by David Elliott♥♥ / 5

Well, like I said earlier, don’t expect much because the hiatus! BUT, you can still find me on Instagram. Here are some things I’ll post when I get back though:

  • Favorite non-bookish websites
  • A chat about comment systems
  • Some book tags because I haven’t done one in a while

How was your month? What did you read? CONVINCE ME TO READ SOMETHING. ANYTHING. PLEASE.

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

14 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: August; Celebrating & A Mini-Hiatus

  1. Enjoy your time away. Sometimes a break from blogging is better than having to play catch up with comments and things when you get back. Relax and enjoy yourself. I love that it’s a tradition for you to go to the zoo. I love zoos they’re just so interesting and I love seeing all the animals.

    1. Yes, I’m glad I did it. I came back to about 50 comments to reply to…I couldn’t imagine what it would have been if I had posts scheduled the past 2 weeks. I would’ve been so behind!

  2. Enjoy your break and have a lovely celebration! 😀

    I love going to the zoo and this just reminded me that I’m totally overdue a visit to ours :0 Have fun!

    I read 5 books last month and a lot of them were books in a series. If you need a book to get out of a reading slump have you considered reading the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han (or have you already read them?). Everytime I’m in a reading slump I reread these books to help me find fun in reading again. It always works.

    Here’s my August Wrap Up @ Swissbookworm.

    xx Yasmine

    1. Thank you! I really did enjoy my break 🙂 Now I’m back in the saddle and I’m so excited!

      I’ve read TATBILB and I totally agree that it is a get-out-of-a-slump book haha I think contemporary is usually what pulls me out. I can’t reread books but I haven’t read the last one that just came out in that series so maybe I’ll check it out 🙂