LATFOB, Yallwest, & I Forgot What Books Are Again

→ Hey, friends! It’s been a while! In case you didn’t notice, I went on an unexpected mini hiatus for about a week or two. I simply lacked the motivation to post here or on Instagram. But, this monthly wrap up is the perfect time to come back because I just got through a week of bookish events! I went to both the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and Yallwest.

→ LATFOB was fun. I had the chance to see Marie Lu and Jennifer Niven. I had an absolute fangirl moment when I gave Niven a tote that I designed for my store Blu Bear Bazaar – and I was able to get a picture of her with it! It was the highlight of my week.

Yallwest was so busy. It’s usually a 3-day event, but this year it was only 2, with one of them being the “main” day. There were so many people and it was so hot, but I still had fun. I was able to meet Veronica Roth (took THREE years of Yallwest to make this happen), Evelyn Skye, Adam Silvera, S. Jae-Jones, Kate Hart, James Dashner, and Erin Summerill, but for the most part, I focused on all the giveaways! SO. MANY. BOOKS.

Also, I met a few of you this year! It was so nice to run into a few of y’all – I wish we got pictures together. Either way, it was wonderful 🙂

I didn’t take a lot of pictures but here is one that means so much to me:

→ Lastly, the April giveaway has ended! I’ve already contacted the winner directly, but might as well share it here too!

The winner of the April New Release Giveaway is GRACE! From REBEL MOMMY BOOK BLOG 🙂

So, I just looked at my GoodReads and it seems I didn’t read anything in April. Welp.

Hopefully, all the fancy new books I got in April will help me this month.

Because of my random hiatus, I didn’t post as much as I usually do. However, these are two y’all seemed to like!

  • Finally going to post about childhood favorites
  • Discussion about banned books
  • Mostly, I am going to try to read something instead of focus so much on posting here for the next two weeks. So, expect me to post a bit less than usual so I can not have another pathetic month of no reading.

How was your April? Did you do anything fun? Did you read more than I did (which is not hard to have done)?
Let me know!

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

13 thoughts on “LATFOB, Yallwest, & I Forgot What Books Are Again

  1. It’s so nice to see you posting again! Haha but I’ll be gone now that your back, lol our hiatuses overlap. Yallwest sounds like so much fun, I hope to go oneday!

  2. Ah, I missed you and your blog so much! Ugh, I was so jealous of everyone who wen to either festival – I spotted so many of my anticipated releases! ? And yeah to meeting Marie Lu! I’m hoping to meet her at Bookcon if I can get my tickets fast enough! ?

    1. Aw, that is so sweet! I didn’t even know if people noticed >.< hahah

      Ohhh, you should go! That's too far for me lol but maybe if it's closer to the west coast one day I'll go

      1. I’m pretty sure I’m going! But to get some people’s autographs, you have to get tickets before the event on the website, so guess who’s going to be on the site and racing to get all the authors I want to see first. ? Hopefully, they won’t get sold out soon!

    April wasn’t too good of a reading month for me either – I read 5 books? I hope May is full of words and reading for you!!! I WISHED I LIVE IN THE US AND COULD GO TO YALLWEST *cries*.

    I can’t wait for your posts in May, they both sound interesting

  4. I’ve been pretty absent on the blogging scene for most of April and May isn’t looking too great either! I’m currently in my final term of my final year of my bachelor’s and it’s all just one big mountain I’m struggling to get over!

    REALLY looking forward to your discussion about banned books! Glad you had so much fun this month Molly, and don’t sweat being away from the blog, we all need a break some times 🙂 <3

    1. ahhhh that’s so exciting! GOOD LUCK with that! I’m sure you’ll do GREAT.

      eep. Thank you<3 Yeah, I usually take like 1 week breaks but I typically have posts ready to go up. This time I didn't so I stressed JUST a tad lol