Oh, hey! Long time no talk. I feel like this is a post that I’ve been writing quite often lately – in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been in a bit of a blogger burnout. However, I hope that’s about to change.

Did you notice that I haven’t published new content in over a week? Well, on top of that, I haven’t actually typed anything in over 3 weeks (I had some posts on reserve). I also have only blog hopped about once every month for 2 months (which I felt terrible about).

Then I realized, it was basically a break from blogging and it was 100% needed. 

Blogger burnout is a son of a bitch and I believe it’s different for everyone. We all get it for different reasons and we all have different goals by the end of it (if there is an end in sight, that is).

One thing I knew during the break was I WILL NEVER QUIT BLOGGING if there’s anything I can do about it.

One thing I realized during the break was I’VE CHANGED OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS but my blog has basically stayed the same. 

Absolutely nothing new about it. Yeah, a few theme changes here and there, but the content is always in the same scheduling cycle and I find myself avoiding certain topics because they’re not popular. You know what I have to say to that? FUCK IT. I love you guys and I love my little corner of the internet that it’s just a damn shame to be having my blog trudge along behind me instead of grow with me. 

So, what are all the problems that caused the burnout?

  • The frequency of which I published new content.
  • The lack of time (with life in general and owning my business, blogging took a backseat).
  • The lack of interest in the topics I was covering.

Seriously, I was able to narrow down what caused the burnout into those three issues.

So, over time, I’m going to start talking about things that interest me. Also, I’ll only be publishing content every Monday and Thursday. It just felt like a good schedule for me. Of course, books are still in there, but I also would love to talk about more lifestyle related topics, maybe even designing, and a little about my writing. Don’t fret, MBN will still be a book blog, just with a little more personal fun from me.

I hope you continue reading because I appreciate each and every one of you ♥

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16 thoughts on “JUST A QUICK UPDATE

  1. I’ve missed your posts, but we all need breaks from time to time! I’m looking forward to some of your more personal and non-bookish posts.

  2. I love your attitude and I love that you have decided to let the blog grow alongside you. I honestly can’t wait to read your new content! I’ll be here always, I’ll support you as long as you do what you feel. The best thing is to have fun. I’m glad that you decided to do what excites you the most!

  3. Ah, yeah, I’ve missed you so much lately! ❤️ I’m glad to see you changing the direction of your blog! I think that’s awesome, and sometimes it really helps to be rejuvenated when it cosks to blogging rather than just sticking to a slump! I hope everything works out for you and I can’t wait to see what you publish next! 😄

  4. Blogger burnout is most definitely the worst so taking a break when you needed it is important. And pinpointing the cause was smart, I normally struggle through until I figure out what’s causing my issue (or not, as the case may be). Posting less and about the stuff which interested sounds like a good plan, it’s your blog and your corner of the internet, write what makes you happy and people will be able to tell and be interested in reading it (that’s what i tell myself, anyway). I’ll continue reading and so will anyone who enjoys your blog so you get back to enjoying what you blog, no one wants it to end up feeling like a chore.

    1. Aw, thanks girl <3 It's nice knowing people will still read even if I talk about some more non-bookish things. It isn't fun to feel like it's a chore at all so I'm excited to dive in with some new ideas 🙂