In which I’m reading a bit more

→ For starters, I’m definitely late on this post. It’s been three weeks since my last check-in, sorry! May has been quiet for me. Nothing particularly exciting has happened. My husband and I have just been hanging out, celebrated Mother’s Day with both of our moms, saw Guardians of the Galaxy, and relaxed. I’ve been reading a tad more, so that’s good!

→ In Blu Bear Bazaar news, I’m working on something new that should be up by early June! I’m so excited to share that with you (I’ll actually be sharing this one this time). I’ve also released a few new designs over the last 2 months that I wanted to share with you (I’ve put them in grids so they are slightly cropped):

They’re all available on various products in the store – here’s the link if you want to check them out! Also, for the bottom two on the right (with the earth), those are part of Blu Gives Back. For every purchase of either one, a portion of the proceeds goes towards your choice of 3 different environmental organizations (you pick one at when you add it to your cart)!

  • Things IN books that are my pet peeves
  • More book reviews – yay!
  • Childhood Faves: Non-Family Movies (like horror, romcoms)
  • Big Blogger, Little Blogger

I did so much blog hopping recently, so here are a few posts that I loved!


How has May treated you so far? What books have you read? Are you excited for summer?

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20 thoughts on “In which I’m reading a bit more

  1. Ahhh your designs for BluBearBazaar are stunning as always <3 And thank you for sharing my post! Didn't expect to see my name when clicking on this post ahaha xD

  2. Oh, your designs are so pretty! ? I wish I had those skills, but alas, I definitely don’t. ?

    Aw, thanks so much for sharing three of my posts, Molly; you’re too kind! ❤ This month was supposed to be the month I got back into reading but nope. It’s the last month of school, so it’s been so much work. Only this week is left and a couple of exams and then summer and Bookcon! I’m exhausted. ?

    Also, yeah; looking forward to that post about bookish pet peeves and Big Blogger, Little Blogger (I’m biased for that, though). ?

  3. I really love your new designs! They’re so cute. I really love the Illuminae Files designs because daaaamn those backgrounds are so pretty! I really lvoe the idea about a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

    I haven’t seen guardians of the galaxy yet 🙁 I have no one to go with which is annoying, so I might go by myself next week lol. I hope it’s good!

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift

  4. A slow month can be nice, I feel like May has had it’s ups and downs for me but I’ve had plenty of good books to read so that helps. I love your new designs and the idea of having some proceeds to charity is really cool, I love that idea.

    I am so ready for summer, I’m excited that we’re due some nice weather next week I may be able to sit outside and enjoy a good book just in time for a long weekend as well.

    1. That’s good! I hope the last week treated you well. Also, thank you so much!

      It’s starting to warm up a bit here, too. Summer is coming!

  5. Sometimes having a month where nothing exciting happens is good, relaxing 🙂 Thanks for sharing my post! And I’m curious about this Big Blogger, Little Blogger thing, I’m gonna go read that post.