In Which I Get Glasses & Its My Birthday Month!

It’s officially my birthday month! My birthday isn’t until the end of the month, but still. I’m currently trying to write FOUR WEEKS worth of posts (minus book reviews) because we’re on a week vacation for my birthday. Crossing my fingers I can actually do this!

→ Some life news? Not much. It’s been hot as hell here in Southern California. We’ve been running the AC every night. It’s disgusting. Oh, I also got some reading glasses. I think it will help me read more – I’ve noticed that I have a really difficult time reading small print books, which is really limiting what I read (I only reach for books with bigger font with wider line spacing). Right now, they’re just regular reading glasses, but I’ll be going to the doctor soon to see if I need prescription. (This makes me feel so old because I’ve always had 20/20 vision  😥 )

There is a lot of store news, though! I came out with a new design for Game of Thrones, which is what everyone voted for to be August’s Design of the Month (you can vote on Instagram). Some other huge news:

  • FREE SHIPPING ON MUGS until the end of the day today!
  • FLAT RATE SHIPPING per item. Mugs, apparel, phone cases, laptop sleeves, and notebooks all ship for $5.00 USD no matter where you live! Totes & pillows start at $8.00 shipping
  • I’VE ADDED BOOKMARKS. Right now, you can pre-order them! If you do, this lets me know you’re interested and how much stock to order. There are 3 designs currently available with more coming if the pre-order goes well! Also, FREE SHIPPING on bookmarks forever.
  • And just in case you weren’t sure: All shipping rates are WORLD WIDE. Whether you live in USA, Canada, UK, Brazil, Australia, Japan, all rates are the same!

This is the new Game of Thrones design (quote from Lyanna Mormont, only the baddest little girl in the show). It’s available on every product but is also one of the designs the you can pre-order on bookmarks!

  • I am on season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll probably finish everything available on Netflix soon and once I do, expect a lengthy post of me just talking about each character and how I feel about things!
  • Some sort of birthday post
  • Why I unfollow blogs or stop reading content (this will mainly have to do with content)
  • My blog bucket list

For some reason WordPress doesn’t want me to link to the last two posts here. So, if you find yourself on their blogs, check those ones out. Sorry!

Are any of you starting school soon? Are you looking forward to it? I remember I always looked forward to the first day of classes because it felt like a fresh start!

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

14 thoughts on “In Which I Get Glasses & Its My Birthday Month!

    1. Thank you! & aw! I always hated having a summer birthday because mine is on the 30th – when everyone is going back to school and also Labor Day weekend >.< I could never plan anything haha

  1. Happy birthday month! 🙂
    I absolutely love that Game of Thrones design! Literally everything Lyanna Mormont says is so quotable – she’s quickly becoming one of my favourite characters (although in Game of Thrones I have a ridiculous amount of favourite characters!).

  2. When I started needed reading glasses, I started reading the majority of my books on my kindle. I hate wearing glasses. I had Lasik done in my 20s to avoid glasses, and then as I got older, I needed them for reading (not fair!). I will read a physical book if the font is big enough, but a lot of books have small fonts. Keep cool!

    1. Ah, an ereader is a LIFE SAVER. I can make that font SO BIG, it’s amazing hahah. Yeah, a lot of non-YA books are smaller fonts with smaller line spacing. I can still read the words, they aren’t blurry, I just find it hard to focus for too long. They eventually start blending together and my eyes jump between lines. I’ll have to read the same sentence multiple times, it’s annoying. >.< But, that's okay, glasses are kind of cute haha

  3. Yay for your birthday month. I get just as excited about my birthday but I do not get as organised with my blog no matter what my plans (although maybe I should). It sucks you’ve had to get reading glasses but if they help that’s a good thing. i always find it strange folks don’t regularly go to the opticians to have their eyes checked, I have my eyes tested every two years and this may be because I wear glasses but it’s always good to have these things checked. I love the designs in your store lately. I won’t be buying but I’ll certainly be tempted. This month I have to be good though.

    1. haha I’m kind of failing at getting ahead with my blog before vacation >.< Oops. Hopefully I will! Otherwise, there will be like 2 weeks with no posts haha. I haven't had my eyes checked since probably high school and it wasn't even at the doctor, it was when they just do it on campus lol

  4. Happiest (early) birthday, Molly! I hope you have a wonderful day, and enjoy your vacation. (I hear you on the challenges of reading ahead. *sigh* It’s a problem we all struggle with.)

    1. hahahah I mean, I hope they look ok? I don’t have to wear them all the time, just when I’m reading, so that’s good. Eek, I’m sorry! I hope school goes well for you though 🙂