Hello, hiatus!

Oh hey, yes, I’m alive. I know, I haven’t been that active and I think you probably already know where this post is going.

I’ve decided to take a short break from the blog. 

December has proven to be a very busy month for me and I find myself completely forgetting to write something new for this blog. I know I won’t have time this week, then next week my husband and I will be in New York City and I won’t even have my laptop. Then the day we get home, I’m going to be packing up all of the Blu’s Bookish Bag orders to get those out ASAP. I just know this blog will be not only on the back-burner, but completely forgotten about/not even on my radar.

So, this is me, just letting you know that I’ll be on a bit of a break. I don’t know how long, but not forever. It will at least be until after our NYC trip and the Blu’s Bookish Bags ship out.


I think I just need to find a good groove. Figure out better time management. Get inspired. Something. Anything. And not having to worry about it might help me figure out where the blog can fit into my new schedule and what I want to be writing about.

I mean, guys, I haven’t opened a book in over 2 weeks. I haven’t finished a book in over a month. It’s ridiculous. I want to actually READ again. And I want to visit YOUR blogs again. So, I will be a reader, not a blogger, for 2-4 weeks.

BUT KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME! I am on Instagram every single day. Keep up with me there until I return…even after I return…we’re not limited to one method of communication  🙂


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