Games From E3 I Want To Play

If you don’t know this about me already, I love playing video games and every year I watch E3. (If you don’t know what E3 is, it’s basically a convention all about video games where all the upcoming games are revealed/news is shared). There are so many great looking games this year, we’re even considering purchasing a PS4 (we’re Xbox people) because of all the amazing games. So, here is a list of some of the games I’m most excited for within the next year or so.


I played the first two back-to-back a couple of months ago and it is easily one of my favorite series. It has everything I love. Exploring, various types of playthroughs, steam punk feel, ‘zombies’, and magic. This spin-off DLC is going to be so amazing. I can’t give away too much because of spoilers, but I can’t wait to play as Billie!


This is a game I may just have to buy a PS4 for. If you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for anything end-of-the-world (post-apocalyptic, zombies, apocalyptic, dystopian, give me all of it!) This game looks bad ass. You basically get to play as Daryl from The Walking Dead. I mean, the guys on a motorcycle AND has a leather vest.  😆


Again, I love the end-of-the-world genre.  This game is unique in that it is literally about survival. You have to get a home base, rescue survivors to build it up and gather supplies, and you get to play as any survivor you rescue (you switch between as you please). The kicker? When one survivor dies, that’s it, they’re dead and you have to play as someone else. Which means you can spend the whole game building the skills up of one person, make them bad ass, and then they die and that’s it. It’s pretty awesome and I can’t wait to see what they do with the second one now that it’s kind of bigger and more well-known.


Another one I may have to get a PS4 to play. I’ve always wanted to play Uncharted because it reminds me of Tomb Raider and now this one has 2 female MC’s (so, it’s basically tomb raider). It looks pretty cool.


The original ones were some of my favorite games (I never played the PS Vita games). They’re just a fun hack and slash type of game that is about mythology. This time, Kratos is against the Norse Gods! How awesome is that?


I haven’t had the chance to play the first game or read the book it’s based on, but I still want to give this one a try. It actually looks a little scary (based on this gameplay trailer for it).


I kind of got over the AC franchise a while back. All the spin-offs and multiplayer games just didn’t appeal to me. Although, Black Flag was way too awesome. This one looks like it might revive my love for it. I mean, you can control a damn eagle! I was sold on that alone. This time it’s the ‘origins’ and based in ancient Egypt.


  • Anthem
  • Skyrim for the Switch (you can get a Link costume)
  • Life is Strange: Before the Storm
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Spider-Man
  • Battlefront 2

Do you play games? Did you watch any E3 coverage? Any games that interest you in this list or otherwise?

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4 thoughts on “Games From E3 I Want To Play

  1. Ooh I’m really excited about God of War too! & Shadow of Mordor, loved the first game! Seems like all the best have been pushed back. My husband and I were stoked about all the releases this year but looks like we gotta wait longer.

    1. Ah, right!? So many games got delayed. Some I was hoping to see weren’t even shown at E3 but still, there are a lot that look really good. I couldn’t believe how many I was excited for!

      1. Gah, I know. We were following the whole E3 progress with our phones ha. I haven’t played the Dishonored series though I’ve heard good things about it 🙂 Also I’m REALLY pumped about the new Assassins game. I’m a sucker for anything about ancient Egypt, plus running around pyramids? Count me in 😀

        1. Ah, you should definitely play Dishonored. It’s SO GOOD. Especially if you like stealth games, or games like Assassin’s Creed! I’m actually looking forward to the AC game too. I kind of gave up on that series a while ago, but this one looks cool!