Bloggin’ On The Go: My 6 Must-Have Apps

We spend a hell of a lot of time on our phones. We all want to stay connected with each other at all times, constantly checking Instagram and Twitter for the latest news. Sure, we all have Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Goodreads on our phones, but what about for us bloggers? There are plenty of useful apps for us that we should be utilizing when we’re away from our laptops. Just like it’s important to stay connected with social media, it’s important that you stay connected to your blog.

So, here are 6 phone apps that I have on my phone that help me out when I’m blogging away from my computer.

6 must have blogging apps (1)

*I’m not including a screenshot for every app because it either violates privacy for myself or others (commenters) or shows you some spoilers for upcoming posts πŸ˜‰Β 


IMG_2234 IMG_2235

I used to never use Bloglovin’, but I finally found a method that worked for me. I use it exclusively to keep up to date with posts and save ones I want to read. I don’t actually read any of them in the app. Instead, I scroll through (almost every day), saving posts that seem interesting to me in a “Remember To Read” collection. Then, when I finally get on my computer, I just open that collection and click through to read them.

This has helped so much. It ensures that I stay up-to-date and everything is easily organized in one site. (As opposed to how I used to do it: visitingΒ every blog individually!)

> Available on iPhone and Android


I just started using this and oh my goodness, why didn’t I start sooner? This one is more for while I’m reading, but that is indirectly related to blogging, so why not include it here. OneNote is basically just a notepad on your phone. However, it can sync across multiple devices.

I’m a note-taker while I’m reading. I don’t typically write my reviews right after I finish a book, so for me, an app like this is super helpful. I take notes about my current read in OneNote – just random thoughts, maybe a favorite quote – then, when I go to write my review, I can open it up on my computer using the OneNote desktop app and write write write my review.

I also use this when a blog post idea strikes.

> Available on iPhone and Android


IMG_2240Β IMG_2241

I’ve talked about Buffer before in my Social Media posts. Buffer is a website/app in which you can schedule posts to Twitter and other social media sites. You can set up a schedule yourself or use their analytics to determine the “best” time to post for you. Later is the same thing but exclusively for Instagram.

Buffer does offer Instagram scheduling now, but I still prefer Later because they offer a “preview” option. This allows you to take a look at how your feed will look with all of your scheduled posts before actually committing to it.

> Available on iPhone and Android


MailChimp is the service I use for my RSS emails sent to my subscribers. I use this in a similar way as my WordPress app. It’s there just as security for when something goes wrong with my email and I’m not near a computer. Otherwise, it sits unused most of the time.

> Available on iPhone and Android


IMG_2238Β IMG_2236

I don’t do any real blogging on my phone. However, I have hit some bumps in the road. Sometimes I forget to title something correctly, or a post just didn’t publish when scheduled, but I’m not near a computer. GASP! In those cases, I can just quickly open up the post in my WordPress app and make the necessary adjustments.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using this to actually write a post & then publish it. You can write drafts, but you should always double-check everything on a computer before publishing a blog post. However, it’s up to you, that’s just my recommendation!

> Available on iPhone and Android


This app is fairly new (a few months), so it’s not perfect. But, if you use Disqus, it could prove to be helpful. With the Disqus app, I can reply to comments on my blog and replies from other blogs that I’ve commented on.

Like I said, it’s not perfect. It doesn’t show all comments, just “top comments”, but if you click on that comment it will take you to the full list of them on that given post. So, it’s a bit of a roundabout way, but if you’re on the go, it could be useful!

> Available on iPhone


Do you do any “mobile” blogging?

What apps do you love to use to stay connected to your blog?

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32 thoughts on “Bloggin’ On The Go: My 6 Must-Have Apps

  1. Buffer is so beyond amazing. When I actually take the time to use it the way it’s supposed to be used, it’s super helpful in keeping an up to date feed. Also recently been taking advantage of the ‘content inbox’ feature to quickly share stuff that isn’t from my blog.

    Your idea to use the bloglovin app to save things to read on desktop later is so genius! I despise actually reading on their app so I always avoid it. But that would be a great use πŸ™‚

    1. I feel ya girl. Sometimes I don’t keep up with Buffer scheduling like I should. I try but I can sometimes go a while without scheduling anything lol

      I don’t like reading on their app either! I also just like to actually visit the person’s blog. I just like appreciating their design and it also gives them a little up in their stats ;P

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING, I’ve been wishing for a Disqus app for ages – had no idea they actually produced one already yay! πŸ˜€
    But yeah, that’s really interesting how you use Bloglovin’ on your phone! I used to use it a lot to check and comment on posts on the go – but it usually used up too much mobile data. I really have to try it your way sometime! πŸ˜€

    1. RIGHT? It’s not the BEST yet. but it’s nice if you want to reply quickly to someone. It’s a little glitchy, so hopefully they work on that as the months go πŸ™‚ And yeah….I can’t read on my phone hahah I like having the full experience of someone’s blog. You should definitely try it! It makes keeping up with blogs way earier!

  3. I completely confess to living under a rock, but…I don’t have a phone! I KNOW. Shame. But I use a ton of these on my computer.? I looove bloglovin’ and WordPress of course hehe. And I want to use Later but I think you have to have a smart phone for it??? Gah. I do have an iPod touch though, but I only use instagram on it basically. Instagram is glorious. :’)

    1. No phone?! haha Oh well, that’s okay! I actually don’t think you need a smart phone to use Later? Try it out! and even if you do, Buffer is essentially the same thing πŸ™‚

  4. Ooo great apps! I already use Bloglovin (occasionally) and WordPress, and I don’t think I really can/need to use the other ones, but it’s a great list! I almost never blog on the go, and if I do, I’m probably just typing stuff out on my iPad if I’m on vacation.

    1. Yeah, I don’t do a lot full on blogging, like writing posts, but I do like to know that if something comes up, I can easily access my blog away from home πŸ™‚

  5. I just downloaded Disqus today. I can’t find the comments being done on my blog so I don’t know how I can reply from my phone. I’ll have to keep checking. I need to download Bloglovin again on my phone. I used to have the WordPress app. Now I just use Safari and fix anything through the website itself. I found it easier that way. I use OneNote but to keep track of the books I’ve gotten for review and if I’ve read/reviewed them.

      1. Ok, so go on your desktop/laptop, just not your phone. Make sure you’re signed into your disqus profile. Go to your OWN blog, choose ANY blog post, scroll down to the comment section. Above the box to leave a comment it should have your blogs url. Click that, then click follow. Then when you go onto the Disqus app, under Channels you should see your blog URL there. Click on your URL and it’ll take you to the comments people leave on your blog. Like I said, it’s a little bit of a roundabout way to do it, and it actually doesn’t go in chronological order. But if you click a certain blog post, it’ll show all of them on that post.

        I hope I explained that right xD If you still have an issue, let me know πŸ™‚

  6. I use the bloglovin’ app in the same way you do. And I’m a fan of Buffer too but prefer to use it on my desktop rather than the app. I love evernote and all the social media apps!

    1. Its a super convenient way to use Bloglovin’! Also, I like to use it on my desktop as well. It’s much easier. But just in case, I have it on my phone. For some reason, I couldn’t get into Evernote? I just didn’t like the way its set up. hah

  7. I have started to use Bloglovin the exact same way! I didn’t used to either, but then I realized that at least I could find the posts I wanted to read/comment on, and do so when I can. It’s very, very helpful! And I use Buffer too, I used to use some other nonsense, but I think it was actually YOUR post that made me switch to Buffer, and I am SO glad I did, I have never looked back! And I LOVE the idea of Disqus’s app. It almost makes me want to switch. I know a lot of people like Disqus, but I have had problems with it for some reason, so I am very wary of switching. But I also noticed that Commentluv isn’t working for people AT ALL so… anyway. Love these tips! I need to try OneNote, because my problem is that I have too many things jotted down in too many places!

    1. Aw! That makes me so happy that it was my post that helped you out! YAY πŸ˜€

      I’ve never had a problem with Disqus since I switched. It’s more work for someone to link back to their blog, unless they’ve added their blog URL to their Disqus profile… but I like how easy it is to respond to people. What are the problems you had with it? Usually CommentLuv works ok for me on other blogs, sometimes it doesn’t find my blog so i can’t link to my recent post…but I can always at least post a comment. The only one that literally does NOT work for me is IntenseDebate. I can comment on ANY blogs that use that one! — got side tracked there haha

      I’m the same as you with notes. I have a bunch of notebooks and nothing is organized. That’s why I started using OneNote. I can access it on my phone, ipad, desktop, laptop…my notes are always with me.

  8. Love this post, so helpful! I love bloglovin, it’s so much easier to find blogs and posts and just to stay connected with blogs. It’s been a huge help to me. I’ll have to have a look at some of the other things you’ve suggested.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad it was helpful for you πŸ™‚ Bloglovin’ does make it so much easier, I can’t believe I didn’t use it earlier!

  9. This is super helpful!! I already have WordPress and Bloglovin’, but I’m definitely going to check out Buffer and OneNote! I’ll also be making sure to remember MailChimp for when I hopefully get self hosting soon-ish. Great post, Molly!!

  10. I had never thought of using OneNote in that way. It was included in my Office package but it has been sitting there unused for years. That’s a great idea thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Yeah, I never use the app to read them & comment. Just to save & then read on my computer. Much easier! I hope its helpful for you!

  11. I need to be better about using Bloglovin like you do. Right now I just go through and read the ones I want to read, but rarely ever save anything. I think I’d feel more organized if I could just do what you do! Then I wouldn’t sit down ever 24-48 hours and be overwhelmed by the amount of posts I have to get through. I am downloading this app right now!

    1. I only do it because I never sit down every day or two to read posts lol It’s usually more like once a week, so if I didn’t at least scroll through on my phone & save posts, I’d fall behind SO much. Sometimes I add a lot & the next thing I know I have 2 weeks worth of posts, or like 75 posts, to read and I freak out. But for the most part, I can keep it under control. I hope it is helpful for you!