7 Blogging Confessions

A while ago I wrote 4 Blogging Confessions I Should Be Ashamed Of…well, I thought of 7 more confessions that pertain to blogging because why not. Let’s just get on with it, shall we?


Just in case you couldn’t tell by the above intro, I hate writing intros. 9 times out of 10 they’re completely unnecessary. Most of the time the title of the post itself is good enough and no intro is even required for the reader to understand what the post is about. It makes sense I hate writing post intros because essay intros were the bane of my existence in school, too.


So hard. Especially when I try to review the writing or pacing of a novel – I just have no words besides “it was fast-paced” or “it was slow-paced” or “the writing was alright“. What am I supposed to say? Even without those categories, it’s hard to write a review because I know people will read it and make decisions. My opinion will influence someone and that is stressful.


I know, I’m a terrible person. I completely gave up on Netgalley. I have probably 14 books on there that I just haven’t touched in two years. I’ve also received a few from authors that I haven’t gotten to yet. Those make me feel terrible. It’s not that I don’t want to read them, it’s that I get distracted by all the pretty new ones I buy. This is why I stopped accepting review requests.


What is the difference between an ARC, a galley, and a galley proof? Seriously…what is it? I don’t know. This makes me feel like such a failure as a book blogger (I mean, come on, I should know this, right?)


If I’m on the fence about a book, I go to Goodreads and typically read the negative reviews first. It makes me feel like I’ll have a better view of the book before reading it. Usually, positive reviews are always the same while negative reviews tend to be diverse. Certain things bother certain people and knowing what those things are before going into a book helps me not be too hyped or put too high of expectations on the book.


Wait, before you congratulate me for using this, know that I’m so lazy that I’m using the app to get ebooks and audiobooks from my library. I still haven’t gone in to check out any physical books…that’s just too much work, obviously.


Most of the time I purchase these as ebooks. If I do have any physical copies it’s either because it came in a subscription box or it was one of my anticipated reads (like anything by Jennifer Niven or Rainbow Rowell). Otherwise, I get them as ebooks. For some reason, I just don’t like them taking up shelf space. I put more value on fantasy novels than I do contemporary. That’s not to say I don’t love contemporary, some are my favorite! I just want more dragons, magic, fae, and talking animals on my shelves.

Do you relate to any of these? Do you have some blogger confessions that aren’t on here? Let me know!

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37 thoughts on “7 Blogging Confessions

  1. I have the same issue with writing reviews, I have no idea of what to say!!! I usually have more words is a book really impressed me and I want to fangirl over it. That’s why I stopped reviewing books on my blog 🙂

    1. I’m considering stopping the reviews except for indie/self published books (since they need the most exposure) just to make it easier and less stressful for myself when I go a few weeks without a review >.< haha

  2. One of the reasons I couldn’t become a book blogger even though I love books is because I have trouble writing book reviews. It’s so hard. Hats off to those who could write a long paragraph of review but still manage to stay entertaining to read.

    I’m guilty of no5 too. I don’t want to end up reading over hyped books that I wouldn’t like but at the same time everyone is different so I’m so confused lol

    1. hahah my reviews have been getting shorter and shorter over the year >.<

      I usually will read a book anyways if I'm on the fence, the negative reviews just help me go in with a more realistic outlook on it rather than people just being like "ITS SO GOOD READ IT !" hahah

  3. Writing reviews IS hard! Sometimes I feel like all my reviews sound exactly the same, like I use the same phrases a lot. And my reviews aren’t long either, which always makes me think I’m missing something. I like reading negative reviews, too, especially for a book I’m not enjoying – it makes me feel better that I’m not the only one not liking it.

    1. Agreed with all of that. I feel like I repeat things a lot in reviews. Sometimes it’s nice to do a series of “mini reviews” in one post if there isn’t much to say about a book. Also, agreed on the negative review point too! It does make me feel better knowing I’m not the only one lol

  4. Wow, now that I think of it I don’t know the different between an ARC, galley, or proof either! ? I guess I always assumed they were the same? But maybe it depends on the amount of editing it’s gone through… I honestly have no clue!

    1. hahahah it seems like a lot of us don’t! So, we’re not alone. Someone else commented with explanations for each. It basically seems like it depends on editing and how its binded lol

  5. Number three totally hit me. I want to tell these publishers and authors that I am so so sorry for being so late on reading their books. I just can’t find the right time and the right mood. AND SAME! I want my shelf to be full of fantasy novels rather than contemporary. I have lots of ARCs that are contemporary but eventually given them to our library or friends. Uhmm, I sometimes write one or two sentence book review if I have read it a long time ago or I just because I feel so. >.<

    1. I haven’t even contacted any publishers or authors to apologize >.< haha I'll get to them eventually! I don't know, that's what I keep telling myself anyways lol I only review books on my blog, so I think I have to write more than 1 or two sentences or people might feel cheated haha

  6. These are great! I agree about numbers 1 and 2 SO. MUCH. It’s like, once I get the damn intro out of the way, I can actually write posts, but until then? NOPE. And same with reviews. I actually just wrote one last night where I flat out said it was terrible. Sometimes there is just not much to say! Love this!

    1. I seriously suck at intros. What the heck am I supposed to blabber on about? They’re such a waste of time and space in the post hahah Also, agreed. Sometimes there isn’t a lot to say! I’ve noticed my reviews getting shorter and shorter lately lol

    1. hahahah we’re uninformed. lol Also, yes, exactly! Especially for those books that are REALLY hyped and no one ever says anything negative about them.

  7. I’m with you on ways to describe review copies and never get anything right there…one day! Interesting you read negative comments first. I tend to not read any till I’ve read a book as I don’t want to be influenced to like a book or not. As a result, I then find I am sometimes (not often) in the minority of liking / not liking a book.

    1. I only read the negative ones if I’m REALLY on the fence for it OR if it’s a super-hyped book. If everyone is recommending it to me but I haven’t heard anyone say something negative about it, I become skeptical, haha Negative reviews help with that because if I don’t do that, I end up being really disappointed.

  8. 2 – YES! It is and sometimes its mostly when the book was bad so I have nothing to say about it.
    4 –
    ARC – Final unedited version if the book with the cover, bound if its a physical copy meant for reviewers, bloggers, journalists etc.
    Uncorrected copies – Same as the ARC but without the cover.
    Galley proof – Unbound, uncut pages (printed, not in book form) for the author or editor to proofread. Can be used as ARCs too.
    But there’s also more versions of a book like a manuscript and the dummy copy and nowadays the above have changed slightly so just call it ARC, the differences are minor.
    5 – I do too, negative reviews always keep it real IMO at least.

    1. hahah look at you educating me xD I don’t actually ever request arcs or anything, so I’m uninformed on all of that. Agreed, negative reviews do keep it real lol

  9. I love this post! I agree that writing book reviews is the hardest thing ever. I do try my best but sometimes I wonder if I’m just rambling or making no sense at all. I really want to convince people to read the book or just explain why I didn’t like it or just have my opinion have an impact on someone and sometimes I feel clueless while I write it ahah.
    It’s good to read negative reviews beforehand; I agree that it helps with the “too many expectations” and “so much hype” problem haha 🙂

    1. I think we all just put way too much stress on ourselves because of reviews haha So far everyone has said they’re hard to write for them. We need to just relax and if it’s rambling, sometimes rambling is fun! haaha

  10. Ugh, writing book reviews IS HARD. I swear, no matter what format I use to make them more interesting to write, I always feel like I’m repetitive and they’re boring. Or maybe that’s just me, and the people who read them don’t even notice or care. XD

    I’m actually worse at writing outros. By the time I’m finished with the post, I’ll realize that I’ve covered everything I wanted to, and I have nothing left to say. So for some of my newer posts, I just dive into the “Let’s Chat” portion.

    Ooh, are you talking about Overdrive? I LOVE that app and use it a lot (even though my library is the WORST at getting recent releases; it takes them months, I swear).

    1. I feel the same way about mine. Most of the time I don’t even think people read them lol

      I don’t even really write outros? My outros are the end questions or the “let’s discuss” part of my post lol

      My library uses Cloud Library now but yes! They’re the same thing. Aw, that’s unfortunate! My library is actually pretty good. Whoever does the buying is always on point

    1. hahah I feel the same! When I’m stumped I just move on and write the post and hope an intro will come to me. I hate them so much

  11. I read negative reviews first! I do it to check if the things that bothered someone else would bother me too. Sometimes they wouldn’t so I read the book anyway.

    1. Yeah, I’m the same. Sometimes I know I’ll find the same things annoying but most of the time I just read the book anyways. They just at least make me aware of those things prior to reading it lol

  12. We all have blogging confessions and I found myself nodding along with a couple of these. I definitely struggle with reading ARCs from time to time and I wish I had better organisational skills to sort my books in some kind of good reading order. Writing reviews is hard… except when they’re easy. Sometimes the words just happen but a lot of the time I stare at a blank screen and question why I do this to myself. I also like to read negative reviews of books I’m dithering over reading. I like to prepare myself and it can often be best reading the negatives so I can figure out if there will be things I dislike in there.

    1. Agreed with all of that. Sometimes reviews do just come to you easily. I have a few where I knew EXACTLY what I was going to say prior to writing it but that’s kind of rare haha And negative reviews do help with that a lot – that’s why I read them first 🙂

  13. I love these posts! Writing book reviews can definitely be difficult. I usually just word-vomit my thoughts onto a new post and go back to edit and format them later, but sometimes I find myself just staring at a blank computer screen and a blinking cursor for ages, trying to figure out something, ANYTHING, to say about the book. That’s the woooooorst. I also always feel bad when I abandon an ARC or a review copy, but hey, it happens (also, I don’t know the difference between any of those, either. oops.). Hey, no shame in only using your library’s digital collection! I do the same thing. You’re still supporting your library! Also, amen to the not owning physical copies of contemps. I have exactly one small shelf in my collection for contemporaries, and it only contains books I loved (and mostly signed copies).

    1. hahah I definitely do the word-vomit then edit later thing for reviews. Sometimes that’s the best way with them when there’s too much to say but you don’t know how the heck to organize it. Also, that’s true about the library haha Also, also, YAY, someone else with the same thoughts on contemporaries! The only ones I have are faves or signed copies too. I have a few extra that came in book boxes or were given to me that I still need to read, but most of the time if I read it, and it’s just okay or not a favorite, I donate it. More fantasy on my shelves please hahah (They usually have better covers anyways)

  14. I love my library too, and I always find introductions SO AWKWARD oh my gosh, and negative reviews have a big impact on me. I guess I don’t always comment back, and I don’t really enjoy tagging people? I don’t know–but awesome post!

  15. Okay so many of these are me!! Having to write introductions or reviews is the worst. I always feel like I’m repeating myself with intros??? Also, I always presumed that a galley was the e-version of an ARC, but reading these comments apparently not – so don’t worry with not knowing the terms because you’re not alone ?

    1. Intros are just terrible hahaha I always feel like I sound the same with my reviews lol. Also, apparently I am not alone! Most people don’t know the difference >.< BUT THEN who does? Is everyone faking it hahah