5 Ways To Make Other Bloggers Smile

I don’t think this needs a big introduction, so let’s cut to the chase.

Be the light in someone day, or hour, or minute by doing one of these 5 things (or all 5). It feels good to make others smile and it feels good to smile.

Here are 5 things you can do to make a blogging friend smile and bring some positivity into their day. And yes, this is going to be super corny.

be the first comment

I remember reading somewhere a while ago that people are less likely to comment on a post that doesn’t have any comments on it (but also less likely to comment on posts that have a lot of comments). Apparently, there is this number-of-comments sweet spot that gets people to comment on posts.

Don’t let your brain trick you. If you see a post with no comments, be the first one! Guaranteed that person has already noticed no one has commented and your comment will bring a little happiness to their day. We all work hard on our posts and want to have conversations! So, why not?

Share someone’s post on social media

Most of us have social share links on each of our blog posts, so use others’ links on their posts!

It tells the blogger that you liked their content so much that you wanted to share it with your friends. Share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or even a link in your wrap-ups or Sunday posts!

It feels good knowing that not only did someone like the post so much, now that blogger may get some new readers to their blog!

Compliment the blog design

This is one of my favorite compliments to receive. We put so much work into the design of our blogs, or just the layout of our posts. So, if you come across one that you really love, why not let them know! Heck, it could be in that first comment you’re leaving  😉

give a visible follow

If you can, give a visible follow to a blog you love. What I mean by visible is that they can see you’ve followed or subscribed to them. Email subscriptions, WordPress Reader, Bloglovin’ – those all are visible follows. We can see who follows our blogs on there and, most of the time, we get a notification.

Now imagine the smile someone will have when they see “X has just followed your blog!” or “X has just subscribed to your email list!” Let me tell you, it’ll be a darn big one.

You can also take it a step further and follow on all of their social media accounts!

Give them a SHOUT OUT

Don’t just share a specific post, share their whole damn blog.

You can do this a few different ways. You can include their button in your blog roll, their link in you “Blogs I Follow” list, you can just rave about them on social media, or you can even write out a post about all the blogs you love (which I’ve done).

Was this corny enough? Are you inspired? Go spread the love!
What other ways can we can spread some positivity to others?

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

48 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Other Bloggers Smile

  1. This is so true! I remember my first comment and follow and I was so over the moon. To this day when a person takes time to comment on my post or tell me how good the post is/was I feel my heart swell. It makes it all worth it.
    I love this post Molly ❤ Have a wonderful day ahead 🙂

  2. This is a really great post – it takes so little effort to make someone else’s day. I think it’s awesome when bloggers support other bloggers. I haven’t been blogging that long, so I remember easily how great it felt when people started reading and commenting.

    1. Thank you! It really doesn’t take much at all! And yes! In the beginning, it feels EVEN better because it’s so nerve-wracking. I remember when people started commenting on my posts as well. It felt so good! 🙂

  3. This is a beautiful post, Molly! I really love it when I feel like I’m spreading some love to the blogging community, and hopefully making someone smile. Whenever someone comments first on my blog post, share one of my blog posts on Twitter, or yes, does anything like you mentioned above, I feel so, SO happy 🙂

    1. Thank you! It all feels good! We put so much work into these things that it feels good when someone acknowledges that. And, for the most part, we started one to have a place to chat about our interests! So when someone comments, it’s perfect 😀

  4. I think one of my favorite things is when someone tags me in something, like an award or a book tag! It always makes me so happy that somebody thought of me. I remember being so excited when I was nominated for my first blogging award. And, of course, I absolutely love comments! ❤ Likes are great, but knowing that someone took the time to comment on my post means so much to me.

    1. Aw! No one ever tags me in things lol I just do the tags I find because I like them. Oops. Also, agreed. I prefer comments over likes, they feel more personal.

  5. I love this! It is something that needs to be said and often. It is so easy to skim through someone’s posts and move on. Stopping and interacting makes the blogger’s day. This is especially true for new bloggers who may feel intimidated by popular blogs. Great post idea.

    1. That’s so true! I was so nervous when I started. I had no idea how to go about commenting on other people’s blogs & thought that mine was just stupid. It’s definitely important to acknowledge the work someone puts into. I mean, if you REALLY have nothing to say in a comment, maybe just try sharing it if you liked it? That’s happened to me before. I’ve read a post and liked it but I just had no idea what to say in a comment besides “hey great post!” hahah

  6. I don’t generally have an issue being the first to comment since I know bloggers love comments! But I really should get better about the social media thing. I’m just terrible at social media in general, so I never even think to share people’s posts on there when I visit them. But oh yes, I do compliment blog designs sometimes when I visit a new blog for the first time and like it! I seriously love when people compliment my blog design. Like, I worked hard on that and am indecisive as f*ck so it’s always reassuring to know I made a good choice lol. And I do love visible follows, especially bloglovin’ since I actually don’t really pay attention to email/wordpress followers and don’t use those in my NG stats or anything. These are all great tips and such a nice, positivity-spreading post!

    1. Me neither. I don’t mind it but I remember seeing that somewhere about people being less likely to comment and then there was another post all about too many comments and I just thought “what?! just comment!” haha. Also, that seems like a trend of those commenting on this, we don’t spend a lot of time on social media. Oops. That’s okay! We all spend a lot of time within the blogging community itself which is just as good!

      OK AND YES. I’m so indecisive. I haven’t changed my design in probably a year, but before that I changed it so often and would always second guess myself. So it feels good when people say they like it.

      Thank you!

  7. I LOVE this because it is SO true. I get so nervous when no one has commented on a post- I am always checking my email, waiting (and hoping!) for one to pop up, and I literally do smile when I see it! I get so happy and relieved! And when someone shares my post, SAME- there are tons of smiles! I do want to get better at randomly shouting out posts and blogs- while I do it sometimes, (and do a post roundup every month) I want to do it on a more regular basis! This is a great post!

    1. SAME! I’m always reading my comments in my email. Even if I take a little longer to reply, I’ve already read all of them because I check so often haha I don’t randomly shout out posts that often just because it’s hard to do it on my phone – which is where I am on social media the most. So, I try. But it does feel good when other people do it to mine so I need to start doing it more! And thank you!

  8. Awh, this is such a gorgeous post! So true, too! Comment always bring me such a smile so I always try to be an active comment-er where possible. I adore this post.

  9. I love this list! All of this is veryy true 😀 I want to start sharing posts I love on social media more often, but that also goes hand in hand with wanting to USE social media more often haha.

    1. haha yes that is so true! I don’t share that often on SM because of just that. I try, but I’m just not on a lot. And if I am, I’m on on my phone (where it’s not that easy to share posts). Ooops.

  10. YES. YES. YES.
    I would add a “if you are reading the post give a like”, just click on the damn star LOL
    I mean I always take it badly when I see someone visit the blog and read a post but didn’t even leave a like. I mean it’s pretty upsetting, it is just a click. Why not? That’s just rude xD

  11. I hadn’t really thought about sharing others’ posts on social media, but it’s a great suggestion! It’s also good advice to be the commenter that gets the ball rolling. I tend to do the same in real life as well, in a classroom situation where the teacher’s question is just kind of hanging there. I figure that even if I don’t have something great to say, it will at least get people over that hurdle. However, I’m definitely guilty of not bothering to comment if there are a ton of comments. I figure someone else has already made whatever point I want to make, and the blogger won’t really have time to mentally process all 236 comments anyway.

    1. Ah, look at you go-getter. I’m the opposite IRL. I suck at starting conversations haha but that is a great comparison! Also, yes! That is the EXACT thing I’ve seen other people say about a lot of comments. I guess I have done that too, but most of the time I just add my two-cents anyways hahah I’ve never seen a post with 200 comments >.<

  12. These are all very valid points and always get me really excited when I recieve any of them on my blog! Especially since, like you said, we put a lot of effort into what we put on our blogs!

    1. Thank you! And same. I always forget to do that one. I need to try it more, especially since I have an extension on my browser that makes it super easy lol

  13. Molly, this post was too much fun to read – and you’ve reminded me that I’ve been meaning to add blog posts I’ve read from around the blogosphere to my monthly wrap up posts. This one contains fun ways to support bloggers as readers AND bloggers. If I visit a blog as a reader, I like leaving comments, whether the post has 60+ comments, 10 or none. Chatting with fellow readers or bloggers on my blog is one of the best things about blogging (i.e., this community), and I also appreciate when readers take a moment to share their thoughts or opinions over on Finding Wonderland, so on blogs I enjoy reading, commenting is kind of a natural response both as a reader and blogger.

    Thanks for the smiles. 🙂

    PS; totally sharing this post on Twitter.

    1. Agreed! I very rarely don’t comment when I read a post. The only time is when I just really have nothing to add because the person already said everything so it would just be like “hey, great post! I agree!” haha When that happens I usually just share it on social media or in my wrap ups. I’m glad this made you smile! 😀

      And thank you! ;P

  14. I love this post Molly! 😀 we all love blogging but getting compliment for our works never hurt hahaha I also love it when people compliment my design and tell me my blog is beautiful <3 also I love it when people leave long and thoughtful comment! Takes a while to reply but so worth the effort I put into the post hahaha also, also, I didn't know people look at the number of comments? I never do hahaha great post and I hope my comment makes you happy 😛

    1. Thank you! Yes, those are great things! Agreed about long comments. They take longer to read through & reply to, because I always want to leave something meaningful back, but that is totally worth it! I love having conversations 😀 Also, I’ve been guilty of looking at the # of comments and being intimidated – I usually comment anyways, but I’m still thinking “they won’t even notice” >.< & YES! Of course they do! I love seeing when one of your comments pop up in my email!

  15. Aww I love this! It’s actually so easy to make someone’s day. And it’s really interesting about the comment “sweet spot” as well. I know that I get intimidated when a blogger or Bookstagrammer already has 100+ comments. They always make me super-happy thought <3

    1. Yay! It really is! A simple comment is enough. Also, right? I mean, I don’t think it’s scientifically proven, I’m just basing that on a few discussions and other “blog help” type websites I read. I find it interesting. I guess I’ve done the same thing with the popular blogs – just been intimidated.

  16. Great post, Molly! I enjoy commenting on other blogs, and it’s a great way to meet other bloggers. I need to start sharing posts on social media. That is a great idea. ?

    1. Thank you! It is a great way to meet other bloggers! Sometimes I can be bad at reaching out to new blogs >.< So that's something I need to work on.

  17. Aww… I really love this post! I tend to try to do this things for other bloggers because this is how I want to be treated too! Great Idea and awesome post!