4 Of My OTPs While I Celebrate 4 Years Of Marriage

Today is my husband and I’s 4 year marriage anniversary! I’ve been married to the love of my life for 4 years and have been together for a little over 8 years. While we’re out celebrating at our favorite fancy restaurant, or having breakfast together (considering this post goes up at 6 am), I’m going to share with you some of my favorite fictional OTPs! What better day to celebrate fictional OTPs while we’re celebrating our relationship!

Disclaimer: I’m actually not big on declaring my OTPs. It’s rare for me to go down with a ship or have some sort of obsession with couples – but, hey, we all make sacrifices and these are ones I actually do care about.



I haven’t read Crooked Kingdom yet so don’t you dare spoil anything for me!

Now, with that out of the way, yes, Kaz and Inej are one of mine (as well as many others) main OTPs. I love how Inej challenges Kaz and makes him seem a little more human each time they’re together. With that, Inej is a bad ass and Kaz never tries to stop her from being that way.

Who’s with me on this one? All of you who have read Six of Crows? Okay, good, that’s what I expected  😆


AKA Wanda and Steve.

Ever since Civil War and all their stolen glances and longing looks, I’ve been on this ship. When I found out that it is an actual ship that people have I was ecstatic. There are so many fan fictions and arts out there depicting them together. Apparently, there have been some near misses of them together in the comic books – can anyone confirm this? Right now, I just have to sit on the sidelines and hate Vision because he is so not the right one.


Okay, I’m still on season 5 or 6 in this show, so again – NO SPOILERS.

I was rooting for Derek & Meredith since the first episode. They are the end game for me. If they don’t end up together forever I will BE DONE WITH THIS SHOW. With that said, and this is a spoiler (so stop reading if you haven’t watched the show), at the point I am in their relationship is getting boring. All the drama has just been sucked right out of it, even the passion they had for each other seems to have been leached out. Where is the passion? I want it back!


This is from the video game The Witcher 3. In it, you have to choose between Yennefer or Triss – and I am Team Yennefer till the end. 

Yennefer is dark and mysterious and kind of a bitch but I can’t help but go for her in the game as opposed to Triss (who is just too bubbly and cute for me). Besides, Geralt needs a tough woman by his side – I mean, just look at them side by side. (Alright, alright, my reasoning kind of sucks, but I don’t care)

I’ve already gone over a lot of book related ships in a previous post, so I kept this list short. Anyways, who are some of your ships or OTPs from books, tv, movies, or games? 

Comments are the best! Let's chat!

33 thoughts on “4 Of My OTPs While I Celebrate 4 Years Of Marriage

  1. Happy anniversary! I didn’t know about the Captain America/Scarlet Witch potential ship – but that would be kind of interesting! I always saw more Captain America/Black Widow, although she has some weird vibes going on with the Hulk, at least in the movies!

  2. I only know the first of these four, but I agree with it! Though I do wish we got a little more of them as a pair in the second one. I’m not saying going all out – but don’t we barely get a kiss if my memory serves me? Ahhhh, but I guess I’d rather be left wanting more than saying it was over the top!

      1. DAMNIT I’m sorry Molly!!! I didn’t mean to spoil anything. I just assumed and that was rude! And I feel like an extra jerk because your first line says “I haven’t read CK.” OMG I’m the worst.

  3. Okay trying this for the 3rd time, hopefully WP will cooperate.
    I’m only familiar with Derek and Meredith, and of course Cap. Now I would love Steve and Wanda but Captain America needs to get with Bucky ASAP (THAT ELEVATOR SCENE THAT NEEDED A DIFFERENT ENDING 😍😭) so there. And congratulations! 💖

    1. haha I’m glad it worked this time! hahah I’m not on the Bucky and Cap ship because I want him with Wanda so bad! I also just don’t like Bucky? The whole plot of Civil War annoyed me because it was SO different from the comic books hahaha I’m picky.

  4. This is such a cute idea! And happy anniversary!
    My OTP is Kaz and Inej. I shipped them before they were even a ship, and they are two of my favorite characters ever anyway!
    I haven’t heard of the other couples, but they sound so cute!

  5. Congratulations on four years of wedded bliss! Here’s to many more. BTW, I am crying a little because you had Mer and Derek up there. 😢

  6. KAZ! AND! INEJ! They are one of my FAVORITE OTPs of all time — they’re just the PERFECT couple. They complement each other perfectly, and agh there’s this one scene in Crooked Kingdom that is just BEAUTIFUL! <3 (But no spoilers. 😛 ) And aww, congrats on your 4-year anniversary! That is SO amazing and here's to many more happy years of marriage! 😀 <3

  7. Congrats on four years of marriage, Molly! The only ship I know on this list is Kaz/Inej. I love them so much. They’ve endured so much pain and yet they have beautiful moments of open affection. So sweet.

    WHAT. Wanda has fans who ship her with Cap? Omg, omg. I have to look into this.

  8. Aww congratulations! 4 years is awesome, I’m so happy for you! Kaz and Inej are a great choice! I don’t know the others. My OTPs are Katniss and Peeta, and Bellarke. And several others from The 100 probs 😂 Have a great time celebrating!

  9. Okay, I have no idea who Yinnfer and Geralt are, and same with Derek and Meredith, and I haven’t seen Civil War yet, but Kaz and Inej are GREAT. I also love Sophie and Rupert (from the Montmaray journals) and Todd and Viola (because complicated) and Lirael and Nick

  10. OHH congratulations on 4 years of marriage, this is SO great <3 <3 All the best for you two <3
    Also…I've heard of all of these ships but haven't watched the shows or read the books…. I'm SO failing here so…I'll go hide in a corner ahah.

  11. Ahhh congrats on your anniversary, Molly 🎉💕 I LOVE WANDA AND STEVE. In the comics there was a brief arc of them and they kissed (and I think something to do with Wanda’s “no more mutants” meltdown was involved too), but nothing really happened. Actually in the comics a lot of people were in love with Wanda including Hawkeye too 😂 I’m sooo not a fan of the Wanda/Vision thing either. She deserves waaaay better than Vision lmao.

    1. Thank youuuu! AAAHH I knew I could count on you with some comic book knowledge when it came to that one hahah I was actually counting on it. I hate Wanda and Vision. I like Hawkeye and Black Widow (in the movie at least) haha

  12. Whaaat!? I didn’t know Steve and Wanda are a ship in the comic books! Hmmm… interesting. Makes me think I need to re-watch ‘Civil War’ to find the signs. I do remember liking their subtle bond in the movie (I think they have a scene or two together I liked). I also like Hawkeye and her together. Not necessarily as a romantic ship, just the way he treats her and tries to help her kind of come into her potential. That said, I don’t think I’d mind seeing Steve and her together. What I really want is a happy ending for the Cap because, well, he’s my FAVE! 🙂

    Haven’t read ‘Six of Crows’ duo, but it sounds so good, so I look forward to meeting these characters.

    HAPPY (belated) ANNIVERSARY, Molly. Congrats on four years! 🙂

    1. yaaaa! If you google it, theres all sorts of fan art out there haha. I just really don’t like Wanda with Vision – so I would probably be happy If she was paired with anyone else lol Also, thank you!