2017 Reading Challenges

I utterly and completely failed at my 2016 reading challenges. It was so shameful that I deleted the page I was using to keep track of my progress because I didn’t want you to see how horrible I was doing. (Really I just forgot to update it so I deleted it, but let’s just stick to the dramatics for a sec)

Regardless of my 2016 failure, I have against all logic decided to try reading challenges in 2017. However, I did make a decent decision: instead of 5 different challenges, I’m only trying out two. This doesn’t include the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge which I am doing, but that is a lifetime thing (for real, though, I’ll probably be doing that one for the rest of my life).

So, enough rambling, here are the two challenges I’m participating in:

Birth year NYT Best Sellers

I made this one up. Yep. It’s not a challenge created by someone with lots of people participating. It’s just me. Basically, I came across an idea for a blog post and it triggered the idea for this challenge.

How I’m doing it:

I found a list of all NYT Fiction Best Sellers separated by year, and then months, and then weeks. I went to the year I was born and started a list of the NYT Best Sellers. How I compiled the list:

  • I broke it down by month.
  • Then I clicked on each week of that month & wrote the book that was #1 that week
  • This resulted in 4-5 books per month
  • If books repeated themselves, I just chose the next one. (So, if a book was #1 for several weeks, I chose #2, and so on)
  • I am then going to choose at least 1-2 books from the monthly lists to read, giving me 12-24 books to read per year. I can read more or less, it doesn’t really matter.

The point of this one was honestly for fun. I thought it would be interesting to see what was popular with readers the year I was born and that it would help me read outside of YA (because, guys, my birth year was apparently all about guilty pleasure romances and murder mysteries).

If you want to do this with me, let me know! If not, you should still check out some of the trends that were around the year you were born, it might give you a good laugh!

Here’s a link to the site I used, it goes back to 1950!

Diverse Reads Challenge

This is the challenge created by the gals over at Read.Sleep.Repeat. What I liked about this one is how straight forward it was. In fact, I was going to create my own exactly like it, but they did it for me!

The main point is just to read more diverse books, but they’ve also added monthly themes to base your TBR on. They’ve even put together a list of recommendations to match each theme along with resources. This seriously could not have been any more helpful! A lot of the books on the recommendation list have been on my shelf or on my TBR for such a long time, so I’m excited to get to them. I’m not going to create a pre-planned TBR for this one because there are so many books to choose from and even more are coming out!

Here’s the link to the announcement & the link to the recommendations!

Are you participating in any reading challenges for 2017? Let me know!


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20 thoughts on “2017 Reading Challenges

  1. I’m not really a huge fan of doing reading challenges because I usually like to read whatever I want to read and don’t like feeling restricted, but I’d be super interested to find out what books were popular when I was born! I was born in 2000 and I don’t know too many books published then. ?

    1. Same >.< Yet, I signed up for two. I'm not going to be too strict on myself, just use them as guidelines really. Ohh did you look? I'd be interested because I was born in the early 90's so I'm sure it's pretty different? Maybe? idk haha

  2. Good luck with your challenges! Looking forward to see which books you’ll read for these challenges. I didn’t do too badly with my challenges last year, but just like you i decided to take it easy this year and only joined two challenges and I did a generic 2017 goal post so I can look back at the end of the year.

    1. Thanks! Good luck with yours as well 🙂 Hopefully since we made it a bit easier for ourselves this year we can actually accomplish them!

    1. haha that was me at the beginning of last year. I’m not going to freak out too much if I don’t make it, so these are more like “guidelines” than anything else lol

  3. Okay, I absolutely LOVE the challenge you came up with. That is such a cool idea. I checked the list for my year and there’s so much Stephen King (which is perfect since I love horror and want to read more King books) so I think I might casually try and do this! There’s also Danielle Steele and Dr. Seuss ? The 90s were weird.

    Love all the diverse challenges that are going around too!!

    Good luck with both of these 😀

    1. YAY! If you do, let me know. I was born in the 90’s too and that’s what was on my year as well. If you don’t mind my asking, what year were you born?

  4. I love your BIRTH YEAR NYT BEST SELLERS idea! Your so creative. I’m just not a classic/old book reader. I like contemporary and current reads. Same with movies. 😉 But I am checking out the link you provided to see what books were Bestsellers when I was born.

    1. hahah thank you! I don’t really read older books either, but I figured it was a good way to get out of my comfort zone. There’s a lot of King, Steele, and crime thrillers for my year so I might skip over a few of those because there are a few that sound REALLY good.